Student Reviews

Hey guys it’s Nola,


Just in case you all didn’t know, I give live in field instruction to guys who are looking to better their skills with women.  I’ll take you out into the real world and guide you through the entire process. I’ll demo right in front of your face and let you listen in on the interactions. My job is to push students out of their comfort zone so they can achieve maximum results. I’ll watch students closely as they interact with girls and see what adjustments need to be made. I can give you instant feedback right on the spot! Students have traveled to me to receive training or I can fly to YOUR home town. Whichever you prefer!

I’ve trained guys with different ethnic backgrounds and guys who were about twice my age! I can help guys who have been diagnosed with keyboard jockey syndrome. In case you’re not familiar with that term, a keyboard jockey is a guy who sits at his computer all day reading dating literature and doesn’t apply it in the real world. The student takes in large quantities of information and it results in information overload. When they finally have the balls to get into the field to do approaches,there’s a million ideas running through their head and they become paralyzed! That paralyzed feeling makes the student run back to the computer and to continue reading more and more.  I’ve been a keyboard jockey before and it can be hard to know the right steps to dig yourself out of that hole! I make sure students are learning the right things at the right time.

If interested in taking a 1 on 1 session to amp up your dating life, shoot Drew an email and he’ll get you all set up! We have a money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with your training! But, I highly doubt that’ll be the case! 🙂

I left the names of these students anonymous for their own privacy.

 1 on 1 coaching with Nola in Los Angeles

thanks a lot for being flexible with the 1:1 date and to fly Nola in from New Orleans.

Nola was very hard working. He demoed on a lot of sets. There were some rather eye opening demos. We ended up going to Bungalows in Santa Monica when it got dark. As an opener, he simply laid himself on the lap of two girls sitting on a couch and said, “This is comfortable.” I hadn’t seen or heard of such an opener before. He brought me into set. The girl talked with me for quite a while, 5 minutes.

Another surprise demo was at my gym. My gym is next to the promenade. I had always wondered on how to open in the gym. The atmosphere is very focused. Nobody is talking. People are ambitious people who go in, work out hard, and leave. He went up to a girl, put his arms around her. Not the subtle social circle approach that I had expected. He spun her around. She gave him her number and texted him later to meet up with him.

Under his guidance, I had a little success myself. I got the number from a girl who was with her dad at a coffee shop. She was very cute and young.


1 on1 coaching review with Nola in New Orleans

I just got back from having a full-day (8 hr) of in-person coaching with Nola in New Orleans.

Just a bit of background, I was a previous member of 30/30 and I attended a BradP 3 day workshop back in 2008. I never got to a point that I was proficient with cold approaches. What I knew quite a bit of was theory but I never had enough field experience. Now I’m in my late 40’s and I’m ending a 5 year relationship. I need to re-tool my game.

I met up with Nola at Jackson Square in the afternoon and we sat and chatted for about 10 min. Nola wanted to spend a few min to get to know me in terms of my game, my identify and my expectations before we started. He helped me to rehearse 2 openers (Horse Girl and Where to Get Beignets (like where to get Cotton Candy)) and then we were off to making some street cold approaches. I’d always been scared to use Horse Girl so I asked Nola to do a demo. He spotted a mother daughter 2 set and charged in and opened the daughter with Horse Girl. She was laughing but the mom started to cock-block. What was important for me to observe was how comfortable Nola was in delivering the Horse Girl, as if he just saw that girl who reminded him of the horse girl . I also learned that pacing and kino was also very important in delivering that opener, almost every other opener.

We walked up and down the French Quarters looking for sets to approach and I opened several sets that either went nowhere or lukewarm and I ejected because I ran out of things to say. Nola encouraged me to push further and switched up the opener to “9.5 to 10” and follow-up with fluff talk about where to get Beignets, so I could stay in the set longer and kept talking. Very important to having Stage1 Kino early in the interaction.

Nola told me my posture and body language was good, but I was speaking too fast and not projecting my voice enough. I told him getting into state had always been hard for me, so we walked around Canal Street and into the mall to do the 18-degree of social freedom exercises. It took me almost an hour and I got thru 17 exercises and had a score of 129. I skipped the Tell a Deep Dark Secret to Stranger exercise. I told 2 random girls “Hey check out this MoonWalk !” and I did a knowingly terrible Moonwalk and one of them said “that’s the worst moonwalk I have ever seen!” Nola and I just laughed and we walked away.

After taking a break we went back to Bourbon Street. Nola saw one girl just getting off riding a mechanical bull at a bar. She was with 4 to 5 girls. Nola charged in, looked her in the eyes, held her hands and gave her a spin. Then he physically picked her up and moved her 15-20 feet away from her friends and tried to kiss her. Later on I asked Nola how he did that. He said he could sense if a girl has high-buying temperature. If so it’s more effective to use kino and touching right away instead of talking. The bar was also pretty loud for talking.

Nola explained to me being good with cold approach pickup doesn’t mean one can open every set and pick up every girl. It’s still a numbers game. Rejection is part of the game. To be good at it one has to embrace rejections and shrug them off. He told me the optimal ratio of rejections, go-nowhere approaches and sets that turn into phone numbers or more. We continued to walk around and found more women to approach. I switched up my openers a bit to “Internet Date” and “9.5 to 10”. I was more relaxed and didn’t care as much about getting rejected, after seeing Nola got rejected a couple times himself. After I stopped caring about the outcome of each approach as much, the openers themselves seemed funny to me. Nola told me I would get the best results if I was having fun with the openers and the interactions, and not care about the outcome.

At the end of the night, Nola got 4 phone numbers and 1 make-out. I made over 20 approaches and got 3 lukewarm sets that I should have pushed further but didn’t. We debriefed at a bar around 11 pm. We went over the structure of each cold approach he wanted me to follow, and important things I needed to keep in mind – Approach immediately. Be bold. Kino. Don’t eject. I also need to do the social freedom exercises twice a week. Go out and make at least 30 approaches a month. That’s the prescription I’m going to follow to improve my game. There is no magic pill. There is no substitute for in-field experience. Lots of it.

I highly recommend Nola as a coach. Regardless of your current level in learning the game. Nola was very good at not overwhelming me with too much information. Just 2 openers to start and then he added on more directions for me to follow as the day went on. It ‘s a progressive approach and it worked. I know I wasn’t going to be great at pickup after 1 day, but I wanted the field experience and real time feedback that a live coach could provide. The failed approaches and rejections were very valuable. Being rejected is not a bad thing after all.

NOLA 1on1 Review in Chicago:

NOLA and I met at the mall in downtown Chicago, he first wanted to sit down and talk, to get a feel for who I am and to get a sense of where my game was at.  I explained how I got involved/when I started with the game, and then he gave me some background on himself.  It was cool to see a former 30/30 student who followed the curriculum exactly as it was laid out, and see how one can be successful by using the curriculum; I mean he made himself into a Brad P. coach!!  Anyways, I told him how I had been studying the game for awhile now, and that I had a good understanding of the theory behind the game.  However, I told him that I had been “keyboard jockeying” for quite some time now, and I wanted the 1on1 to be a push more than anything, and NOLA did just that.

We started out by formulating a stack, which we kept pretty simple with HorseGirl and Trading Hair as my openers, and SmartHotRich as my attraction material.  As I said, I had the theory down, but the actual getting up and doing approaches is what I had been lacking in.  He pushed me to do more day game at the mall than I had done over the last, however many months.  He made me realize, once I can just get out of my head, and just go up and start using the scripts, getting the words out of my mouth, the experience was not bad at all.  After these early approaches, we moved on to Social Freedom exercises, and again, I had rarely done these.  Just getting through these exercises made a light year of a difference in my confidence.  Of course it was easier having NOLA by my side, but this made me realize that all of these things are doable, AND THAT IT IS NOT THE END OF THE WORLD.  I plan on continuing with these exercises.

Followed the SF exercise with a  few more approaches, but then I needed a break.  We got some food, and we talked about my Identity, some theory, and what our plan was next.  After food, we took a train up closer to my area, where we ended up going to two different bars for night game.  He showed me how he interacts at the bar, his plan of action for night game, and he did plenty of demos for me.  Seeing him do these demos got me to push through and start approaching for myself.  I did that, and started to get in more of a social mood.  I explained that I wasn’t necessarily attracted to a lot of these girls, but that’s when I learned a valuable lesson from him.  I should be approaching every girl, even if I don’t want to fuck them, because essentially flirting with all girls will do a couple of things.  For one, it will get me warmed up and more “in-state” for when I do approach the hotter girls (I learned this again the next night, because I didn’t do this and then struggled for a while because I was not warmed up), and two it will help me develop my skillset, which will ultimately lead me to the quality hotties that I am attracted to and want.  Quality will come with quantity.

NOLA  was good at observing my behavior and giving me on the spot feedback, which was quite helpful.  He was great because he constantly made sure that I WAS GETTING WHAT I WANTED OUT OF THE 1on1.  He made sure to keep asking if I had any questions, if I wanted demos he would do them, if I wanted him to open a certain girl he would.  I though NOLA was a good coach, he pushed me, but at the same time made sure I was comfortable and having a good time.

He demonstrated a lot of kino for me.  This is one of the main things I wanted out of the 1on1 because I felt that this was an area in which I was lacking in, and he agreed.  I wasn’t necessarily pushing myself with this, and often times I would forget to touch the girl, so it was good having him there to remind me, and he would even tell me right when I was in set.  There were times that I didn’t even realize a girl was into me, and he would tell me after the fact, but it was an eye opening experience for me.  There was one particular girl where this was happening, and I “overgamed”, and she blew me out after that.  This was probably the most important lesson of the night that he explained to me.  When a girl is into me aka her seeking rapport with me, or if she is a rapport seeker, I have to recognize this and just tell myself, back off the routines for awhile, and only go back to them when needed.  Or else, what happened with the girl above will continue to happen; instead just sort of go to natural conversation and just up the kino much more.

He felt I had a good presence about me, and none of my approaches looked awkward.  There are just certain things I need to work on to get over that hump. Overall he did a great job, and I learned a lot.  I felt comfortable with him, and would definitely do another 1on1 with him in the future.

Takeaways that he gave me to work on are:

-I need to work on my Kino much more.  I still looked pretty awkward with this, and he recommends that I start pushing the limits with this a bit, because he felt that my game was pretty decent, but this was sort of the “missing piece of the puzzle”, not his quote, but you know what I mean.  Continually work on this until it becomes fluent.

-I need to start going out AT LEAST, 3 nights a week.

-Social Freedom exercise twice a week.

-Approach all types of girls!! Quantity must come before quality, as he said.  This will build my skillset, and also as I said above, this will get me warmed up before I approach the real hotties, and it will also help me perfect the delivery of the scripts the more and more I do them going forward.

Turbulence 30/30 student

I have been in the game for awhile and a follower of many methods. I stumbled upon Brad P.’s 30/30, a couple years ago. Me and Nola met up through the forum ad started approaching women quite a lot (we live in the same city). I have always had major anxiety and negative self talk. I would always go into a set and overanalyze the heck out of it. Anyway, after a good while of sarging with Nola, I learned to read less and approach more. He also taught me to stick to the basics. I’ve seen him pull some amazing women. He’s very ballsy in field, has a tremendous amount of social freedom, positivity and can close quickly. He stuck with me through thick and thin and has helped me out tremendously in my game. I definitely recommend training with Nola, he’s a hard worker and will not give up on you. This guy’s the real deal!

Turbulence 30/30 club


1 on 1 coaching with Nola in Miami

Had a great workshop with Nola. I was in kind of a lost place beforehand. I was working on my game and putting effort in by going out but I wasn’t approaching as much as I should. I also didn’t have any sense of direction and I think that was part of the problem.

Nola helped me solve my issues and was just the inspiration I needed. After the workshop, I know exactly the things I do well and should use to my advantage, and the things I clearly need to work on. We did day game, night game, and worked on my social freedom. He pushed me to expand my comfort zone by doing the social freedom exercises in a way that I wouldn’t have done them on my own, including walking through a packed Apple Store singing as loud as I could. He also positively rewired my brain a bit in regards to how much value I give to people (not in game but generally interacting with people) and gave me some important fashion pointers.

All in all, the biggest thing I gained this weekend was confidence and a sense of direction in where I need to go with game. Nola was like a compass for me and now I have a much better sense of where I’m going.

The results I had were great including a makeout in under 5 minutes, a daygame instadate with a really quality chick (an 8-9) that lasted about 3-4 hours, and then finally a lay with a chick who’s number I got on the first night and with whom I met up with the last night. Now results are of course sexy but much more important to me is the confidence and direction I got from Nola as that was really what I was after. He was extremely positive, knowledgeable, and a lot of fun to game with and made for a great wingman. I strongly recommend getting coaching from him!



Jrock’s 1 on 1 with Nola

The 1 on 1 I had with Nola was a life-changing experience. We did a night game session and then a day game session the next day.

I’m the kind of guy who has gotten laid from online game by 5’s and 6’s, and I had one LTR with a 7 but need improvement in cold approach.

Nola is a great coach and definitely delivered. I was coached by Fadeaway before and I believe that Nola is a better coach. I’m glad that I decided to get this 1 on 1. It was the best money I have ever spent.

New Orleans was really jumping there were hotties everywhere and lots of women to practice on that we would never see again.

As far as my skill set, he pointed me in the right direction and let me know what I needed to work on. Also he let me know that my fashion and body language were good. He suggested I get a nice watch to go with my great outfits and I agree with him.

He showed me some cool new tricks to open moving sets as well as seated sets.

The caliber of Nola’s game is high and something that was inspirational to watch. Nola wanted to show me a demo and he said something playful some chicks on the balcony were yelling at us “Show us your penis!” and a girl flashed us her tits. Then he told another to come down and she did and he got her in the bathroom and was back in about 10 minutes.

I was there watching as it went down and learned a lot by watching him work. There are some things you can only learn by watching professionals do it.

He let me in on a few huge sticking points that I had in the first 2 minutes of the interaction. He suggested that I learn the stack of scripted material and practice, practice, practice. He suggested that I need to be approaching all the time. I need to work on the first 2 minutes of interaction. I would have never realized this without taking this 1 on 1.

I realized by talking to him that there is never an excuse not to talk to a woman that you want to talk to. He gave me some routines and I approached about 30 sets.

It was really valuable to talk to him about the process, get a feel for his mindset and he agreed with me that I should restart 30/30. This month will be month 1, this time I’m going to finish all 12 months no matter what. No girlfriends until the 12 months are done that’s my commitment.

In the debrief, he wrote some things down for me to work on. I got the facebook messenger of a hot 8 or 9 early 30 something nurse who was checking me out. He gave me a great opener for the situation where the girl is checking you out.

After the 1 on 1, when I was at the airport by myself, I got the number of an off duty flight attendant.

Then at my layover at the airport I approached this 9 half white half black dancer with a plunging neck line and blue hair. She bought a ticket to get on my flight and I led the situation to where she was sitting right next to me on the 3-4 hours flight home.

I got an instant date with her as we watched a movie on the airplane and she had her legs on my lap. I sensed I needed to escalate more but I tend to self sabotage so I didn’t but I learned from this experience. I’m sure she thought I was a pussy for not taking advantage of this situation more. Later she fell asleep with her head on my lap. I got her number. She was meeting her boyfriend for dinner and he was picking her up. I’ve never gotten that cozy with a girl that hot before. I gotta remember to follow my instincts without fear more in situations like this. I could have fucked her in the airplane bathroom — no question.

In any case, there is no failure only learning experience and I am enjoying the process. Also I’m working on the first 2 minutes of interaction so any other results I get are icing on the cake!

I’m looking forward to a lot of happiness in this area and success in my future!

Thanks Nola!

Jrock 30/30