Hello readers!

This is Nola and welcome to my blog! This blog is going to be focusing on dating and attraction. I’ve recently become a coach for #1 pick up artist in the world, Brad P! It’s amazing how far I’ve come in this area of my life. I’d love to share what I’ve learned and do my best to provide the best advice that I can to you guys!

Here’s a bit of background on myself.

In high school I had a hard time meeting girls and was just basically shy to talk to them. I had a couple of good qualities,but when it came to interacting with women it was awkward. Guys in my school had it easy from what it looked like. They all had girlfriends and were going to crazy parties. I was the kid hiding out from all of that. I remember back in school when I had a bad case of acne and that was one of the reasons I would avoid social interaction. I was just afraid of being judged or made fun of. Avoiding social interaction for a long period of time can really put someone into their shell. I was shy to the point to where I was too scared to ask a girl to the prom with me. I brought a guy friend with me instead. How embarrassing right?!

Once I was out of high school things got a little better. My face cleared up and got my braces taken off so that helped a bit. I’ve also been a dancer for a while so girls noticed that as well. Good looks and being talented can definitely help,but to a certain extent. I still needed to develop some game and I had zero! Even though I was a bit more confident about my physical attributes, I still had anxiety when it came to communicating with the opposite sex.

I then found the seduction community

I was about 21 when I stumbled upon the community. I was mind blown when I realized this was something people could learn how to do! I turned into a keyboard jockey very fast! I remember when I bought my first product. It came with like 3 DVDs and 4 books. With all that information I started fantasizing about all the success I was going to have. I read and read and read and listened to audio seminars for hours on theory. I had my laptop set up next to my night stand listening to pick up advice for hours! I thought to myself ”This is all going to sink in and I’ll know everything.” Was I doing approaches? Nope! Did I get information overload? Yes! The time I realized I dug myself into a hole I was studying 3 different systems at once. Each guru had ideas that conflicted with other gurus and I was even more confused.

Then I found Brad P and  30/30 club

One day when I was on my laptop keyboard jockeying it up I found Brad’s site. The first sentence I read on his site was the 1:2 ratio. The 1:2 ratio is for ever how many hours you spend studying you must spend 2 hours meeting women and doing approaches. I took this into account and joined 30/30 which is a 12 month program where the students meet 30 women every 30 days. The information was timed correctly to where students aren’t allowed to have access to real advanced dating advice until they’ve mastered the fundamentals! I followed the program and had way better success. I learned to get numbers,get instant attraction,and get dates. I’ve also seduced girls in under 10 minutes. I’ve had threesomes. I’ve done it all! I’m now looking to share my knowledge to the world! If anyone is interested in doing a 1 on 1 session you can email Drew at


Stay tuned!