The Adventures of Nola

Hello everyone! Nola here

Here’s a page dedicated to some of my best field reports over the years. It’s a compilation of lay reports and just other random stories that you may find valuable.You guys may find these readings motivational and beneficial to your learning.. I’ve gathered these stories up for the past couple years ,but never put them public. Some of these are from 4 years ago! Some of my early ones are funny to read. These stories are a 100% true! When I was first learning to get good at game I realized reading field reports were very beneficial. However,reading can only do so much to improve you game.  When you read something and you see a specific tactic you want to implement,make sure to test it out immediately!  Figure out a way to incorporate these principles into your own skillset. You can read how the tactics work in REAL LIFE situations. These stories are how game works in real life.. You’ll read about me getting rejected, girls testing me,etc etc. I left everything raw and uncut.. Enjoy! 😉


LR: Meet to sex in under 10 minutes

Most of the lays I’ve had this year were from social circle stuff and from girls that I met through mutual friends. This one happened last night from a cold approach. Cold approach lays are more exciting to write about for me.

So I went to this college bar with a couple of friends. Usually when I try to game in places like this it doesn’t work out too well because all of these girls are in sororities and they’re with their frat boys. It’s one huge social circle and it seems like they want to keep the random guys away. I wanted to bust a nut so I was trying to work quick because my friend that I was out with always wants to leave the bar early. (usually happens when nothing exciting is happening for him)

I was in a pretty low state so I started approaching. I got blown out a few times and a couple of go no where sets. I was feeling a little more social. I sat down for a second and noticed this cute girl eye fucking me. She had a little thickness to her,but she was still sexy with some huge tits.Her face was cute too. Definitely bangable. I waved her over and she came and sat on my lap. I said ”where do i know you from?” She said that we may have met at another bar one night. I said ”Yeah i think we made out. I can’t remember if you were a good kisser though” (qualifying her) She said she’s an excellent kisser. I said ”hmm we’ll see. I’ll rate you on a scale of one to ten.” and we started making out. I knew this girl was horny as hell so I played the are you nervous game with her and ended up fingering her right there on the chair. She stopped me. I said ”maybe slightly nervous?” She said”were in a bar” i said ”your right. Lets take a walk”

We walked outside towards her campus. I threw her up against the fence,starting making out wit her more. She grabbed my hand and said” lets go find a place to fuck” I said ” Okay we’ll see” and we started walking. We walked into the cafeteria and went by the bathrooms. I went into the mens room to take a leak and she went into the girls bathroom. When I came out I waited for her to come out. She opened the girl and waved her hand for me to come in. We got into the stall. Made out,sucked on her tits,took out my cock, She started blowing me. Somebody came in the bathroom while this was going on. She didn’t freak at all. I stood her up and turned her around. I put a condom on and was hitting it from the back. I blew a load. I fingered her until she came and it was a done deal!


LR: Girl X meet girl Y! Nola’s 2nd threesome

‘I landed my second threesome last night. It was with 2 girls that are in my rotation,I felt pretty good about this one since I made it all happen.Pretty much me just taking the lead and controlling the whole situation. Here’s how it happened!

I was at work and got a text from a girl that wanted to hang out. We’ll call her girl X.She’s dorky looking,but with a sick body and a great ass! I cold approached her about 2 months ago at this bar and banged her in my car in about a 30 minute period. I found out this girl is bi and she said she’d be down for a threesome and that it’s her ultimate fantasy. I made a mental note of that. I tried setting up a threesome with her one time,but it didn’t work out. This girl is always working too and lives far so it’s rare when a sexually adventurous bi-girl comes by. I took advantage of this moment.

It was about 10:30pm by the time I got off work and told her to come by around 11:30. She gets to my house and we go straight to my room. We hang for a few minutes,I put on Back to the Future since she hasn’t watched it before. I’m texting this other girl while I’m laying next to this girl. We’ll call her Girl Y. I didn’t have much time with girl X so I went straight for the jugular and asked girl Y if she was into girls at all. She responded back with ”yes, I want to be with a girl..why?” I responded back with ”well I’m with a friend and we’d like to have some fun with you” She responded back with ”oh really?!?!!?” Keep in mind girl X doesn’t know I’m texting this girl. I’m kind of doing it on the slick just to see if she’s interested in coming over. Hehe. Girl Y said ”well I’m out right now and don’t know when I’ll be done” I didn’t end up responding to girl Y because girl X and i started going at it. I think that left girl Y a little more intrigued since I didn’t respond back. When I’m done fucking I look at my phone and girl Y messaged again and asked if we were still up. I said ”yeah come over” She said ”ok be there in 5 minutes!” LOL

That was when I let girl X know that there was another girl coming over to hang out. I said ”she’s just gonna come by and watch back to the future with us” This girl KNOWS why she’s coming over. She seemed a little shocked when I told her,but definitely down. I didn’t want to put pressure on this girl so I just said she was just coming to hang out. I think I even asked her if it was cool with her if she came by. Just so she feels like she’s in control too. Girl Y sends me a text saying she’s at my house. Girl X puts her clothes back on and I go downstairs to get the other girl. I bring her back upstairs and into my room. I introduce them to eachother. Girl X likes to smoke so girl Y said ”well we can go smoke in my car” This will be a good time for them to talk more and get comfortable with eachother. We all go outside and smoke a little bit. They weren’t talking all that much so I took over and was telling them wild stories about me going to jail and stuff. They were getting a kick out of that. A few minutes later I said ”well it’s getting real hot in this car,let’s go back upstairs” They complied. We get back into my room and I sit down on the love seat to where I’m in the middle and they’re sitting on the side of me. We talk about what’s going on in the movie and chill for a couple of minutes.

I kept reminding myself ”YOU have to make this happen.. They’re never going to make the move..Pull the trigger!” I grabbed the back of girl X’s neck and started making out with her for a few seconds. I start rubbing my hand up and down girl Y’s leg and inner thigh while I’m kissing the other girl. I turn around and start making out with girl Y. I take off both of their shirts and pull them close to eachother and they started making out. It was fucking HOT!!! I let them do that for a couple of minutes and they start rubbing my cock. Girl Y starts blowing me,girl X goes over and starts eating out Girl Y’s pussy. After a few minutes of this I pull them up and bring them over to my bed. Done deal from there! They both had a great time.


LR: Met 2 different girls at the club. Went to jail. Nailed them both when I got out

This will be an interesting read for you guys! It’s 2 reports put into one where I met 2 different girls the same night,got into some shit when I left the club to go meet up with one of them. It’s somewhat of long report,but I think you guys will get a kick out of the whole thing. I’ll jump right into it!

Went out about 2 weeks ago to a club with a couple of friends. As soon as i get in the girl that’s taking the cover charge in the front is sexy as hell! Cute red headed chick with a nice rack, her and I exchanged a few words,nothing special. There was definitely some attraction going on there(more on her later) then I enter the club. I’m walking around messing with a few girls,get some attraction from a couple of sets,a couple of blowouts. We stayed there for a while just messing around I wasn’t really looking to try to take any girl home just having fun with friends. Not attached to the outcome.

I wanted to go upstairs to the VIP section of the club,but they were asking for a certain wristband to get up the stairs. The guy says ”you have to go to the front and get a wristband” So i go back to the front where the cute red headed chick was. I say ”hey I need a wristband so I can get into the VIP section” She said ”that’ll be five dollars extra” I said ” Nahh I don’t have 5 extra dollars for that, you can just give me the wrist band” She kind of laughed and said no she couldn’t do it. We go back and forth a couple of times and eventually she secretly gives me one. I hold her hand and say ”aww thanks.. Your so sweet……and your fucking hot” I pull her in and makeout with her behind the counter where she’s working. There was no one else around so why not. Lol We make out for a few seconds,she was shocked but turned on definitely. I pull my phone out and say ”what’s your number? Let’s hang sometime” I put it in and leave.

I get upstairs,I walk around a bit more,danced with different girls,break danced a little in the circle just doing my normal thing whenever I’m in a club. Great social proof. A couple of guys wanted to fight me for some reason whenever I was done breakdancing. I think their girls were checking me out or something who fucking knows. They have A LOT of douchebags that always want to fight for no reason. I leave the situation,it’s really not worth it to me. It kills my state being around that.

I go back downstairs and see one of my friends talking to some girl who has a friend with her. The friend looked bored,hot brunette with another nice rack! I hopped on her. She had a rolling stones tank on. I went into stage 2 kino(arm around waist) instantly and started talking about her rolling stones shirt. We talked for a bit and asked her randomly if she is spontaneous,she said she was. I said ”hmm I hear that spontaneous girls are the best kissers. Are you a good kisser?” She said maybe. I said ”On a scale of 1 to 10 how good?” She smiled and just kind of shrugged. I said ”I’ll rate you” and we started making out. I started dirty talking in her ear. ”If no one was in here I’d bend you over the bar and fuck the shit out of you.. That would be spontaneous” She kind of laughed and gave me that dirty look. I said ”let’s take a walk over here real quick” and i led her by the bathrooms. Right outside the bathroom is a dark corner and we started making out more. I was rubbing her pussy outside of her pants a little and she gave resistance. I was expecting that,I mean I met the girl like 4 minutes ago! She said ”we can’t do this with all these people around” i said ”your totally right” And I took her hand and tried leading her into the bathroom,she wouldn’t go in with me. No biggie. I said ”well lets go back to your friend” We walked back I stayed and chilled with her for a couple of minutes. Made out a bit more and I took her number. We agreed to try and meet up later,she was going to another club after she left this place.

My friends and I roll out the club a few minutes later and we’re standing on the sidewalk just hanging out. The brunette I tried pulling to the bathroom and her friend are standing a few feet away. I spot ANOTHER girl standing nearby checking me out. She was standing with a friend.I walk up immediately and say ”I know your not going to be checking me out like that and not say hi to me” and get right into stage 2 kino. When I can tell the attraction is high already I go directly into stage 2 kino. She was loving it. I thumbwrestled her,as I had her hand i made her do a spin and I wrapped her arms around my neck when she was facing me. I started slow dancing with her on the sidewalk and went into this dance routine that I saw Brad do.

I do the sixth grade style of slow dancing very stiff and go all the way to senior prom dance where i up the kino and I’m pretty much grinding on her. It’s a fun way to up the kino and the girl gets really into it. All of this was happening on the sidewalk with a lot of people around.I pull her in and makeout with her,I’m pretty sure the brunette saw me do this. I kind of forgot she was standing right there. I take the girl’s number and walk right up to the brunette and start talking to her like nothing happened.She didn’t call me out on anything so maybe she didn’t see. I still wanted to pull this chick,she was definitely down,but the logistics were fucking it up. Her friend was engaged in conversation with someone else. So while her friend was distracted I said ”hop on my back” She hopped on and i carried her near my car. She started saying ”I can’t leave my friend,I can’t leave my friend” I said ”I know you can’t be doing all that. Ain’t nobody got time for that!” As I was opening the back door of my car. She started walking away back to her friend. So it was a no go. I tried pulling her twice that night. Oh well.

I walk back with her and we meet up with her friend and my friend back in front of the club. My friend and I started walking the 2 girls back to their car. As were walking The brunette’s friend is walking in front of me. I walk up behind her as she’s walking and duck my head between her legs and just stand up to where she’s up on my shoulders. She’s like ”wtf omg omg” I said no biggie,this is good exercise. I said ”you have to promise that you won’t get too turned on and get a little wet while your up on my shoulders.If I find a wet spot on my back you’ll be in big trouble little girl” She said ”okay” (Credit to Jake for that routine) So I have her on my shoulders and the other girl that I tried pulling is walking next to my friend. I let them walk a little ahead of me and I took the other girl off my shoulders. I said ”your getting a little heavy,I’m going to let you down” I think I tried making out with her,but it was a no go because she said I already made out with her friend. We catch up to the other 2 and the brunette is in the driver seat,the other girl gets in the passenger seat. My friend is talking to the girl in the passenger seat and I’m talking to the brunette in the driver seat. She’s telling me to come meet up with them at the other club. I said ”I’ll try” We kiss a bit more. I start sucking on one of her titties for a few seconds while I’m standing outside the window. She says ”come meet up with us” and she drives off.

My friend and I meet up with our other friend and we decide to go get food.. It’s like 4 in the morning at this point. I’m texting the brunette girl and my friend is texting the other girl. They’re already at the other club,my friend and I plan on going to meet up with them when we’re done eating. We leave IHOP and head to the club.

Soooooooo I’m driving down the street about 3 minutes away from the club and i get pulled over my 2 cops! Fucking great!!! My friend is in the the passenger seat. He pulls me over because my license plate was in my back windshield instead of being screwed on the back of the car. When I got my license and registration for my new car I didn’t have the screws to screw it on so I temporarily stuck it on the back windshield to where it was still visible! So they got me for that. The cop takes my license and goes to sit in his car for about 15 minutes. I’m wondering what the hell is talking so long. He comes back and asks me to step out of the vehicle to sign or my ticket. I sign for the ticket and then he says ”and put your hands behind your back your going to jail” I’m thinking to myself ”huhhh….wtf” He says i had a warrant from 2009. He puts me in hand cuffs and brings me to jail. I spend 2 fucking nights in a prison cell with about 60 people all crammed up in one room! I didn’t eat for 2 days,no way in hell I’m eating a rotten spam sandwich that’s been sitting in a freezer for god knows how long. I tried eating just the bread off the sandwiches,but it’s getting stuck to the meat or whatever it was when I tried pealing it off. No thanks. They had cell mates that were eating that shit like it was nothing. That’s how you know they’ve been jail countless times. There was a tranny in the cell and she knocked somebody out the next morning at like 4 in the morning. So I was in there from Sunday morning about 5am and got out tuesday around noon. Ughhhhh

The day I get out the first thing I do is EAT some real food then I text the brunette. ”Hey I’m almost to the club. Are you still there!!!!!” We text back and forth. We ended up hanging out and go see a movie a few days later. She drove about an hour away to come see me. She meets me at my house and I drive to the theatre. When we get back from the movie I ask her if she wants to come hang out for a little while” She agrees. She comes up. We fuck twice. A good night,but a hell of a week!!

I was texting back and forth with the red headed chick from the club. She sent me some dirty pics and said we’ll hang when she gets back from caliornia,she was going on vacation. She got back on the 11th,but I texted her 2 days after she got back when I knew she was settled in again. We made plans to hang. I told her to just come over to my house and she agreed to come. She gets to my house and we sit on the couch and watch some netflix for a few minutes before we start messing around. She put up some token resistance,but after she straddled me on the couch it was a done deal from there. I picked her up and brought her to my room and threw her on my bed. Fucked her a couple times and came all over here beautiful tits!

She randomly sent me a text last night. ”Godd your soo good in bed. I’m like craving you” Yeah I think she’ll stick around!

LR: Meet to sex in under an hour in my car

Hey fellas!

I haven’t wrote a report in a while and thought you guys might enjoy this one. This is a lay that happened to me this past Sunday in the back seat of my car. I totaled my truck a little over month ago so now I have a little Nissan Sentra which is way more convenient for me because it’s got a bigger back seat than my truck did! I won’t have to deal with a lot of logistical issues either when I have my car around.Here’s what happened!

I started the night off tired as shit from the previous night,I think I got in around 5am which is bad i really need to catch up on sleep,but thought I should go out anyway knowing that I would wake up eventually. I left my house around 11:30pm to go pick up my friend. We head to this bar that I go to almost every Sunday,I get pretty sick results there for some reason so I’m definitely going to start being a regular. I didn’t plan on drinking that night,but I stopped at a gas station and grabbed a red bull to wake me up a little. I always game better when I’m sober anyways,I can make better decisions and the girls don’t get creeped out as easily. They also think it’s cool when you can go out sober and still have a good time.

My buddy and I roll into the place and go hang out in the courtyard and just chill out for a few. I’m just standing there and this gay dude with these 2 hot girls walk by us and ask where they can find drugs. I go flirt with the 2 girls for a couple of minutes,one of them was showing some interest but I didn’t push the set too hard. I still wanted to see what else was around so I flirted with them and just walked away knowing that I’d see them later in the night. My friend said he wanted to go put something in the car so I started walking back to the car with him and as I was walking this cute nerdy looking chick was walking with a guy towards us. Her and I locked eyes as we were passing eachother,we continued walking. He put his shit in the car and we went back to the bar. He and i go to the upstairs part of the bar and were just chillen by the dance floor. Sure enough,here comes the nerdy chick that I spotted on the sidewalk a few minutes before. She was walking my way and we locked eyes again,I was up against the wall at this point and I gave her that ”what’s up” look… As she got closer I went right into stage 2 kino and put my arm around her and pulled her in from the side. I just assumed rapport and acted like I already knew her,I said ”what’s up?” I didn’t have to say anything too crazy she was already into me. We small talked for a couple of minutes,I actually went interview style on her! Wtf I usually don’t do that,this was my second set of the night also so I wasn’t warmed up enough to start thinking of crazy stuff to say off the top of my head.

I started thumbwrestling her and i beat her. I said ”let’s make this a little more interesting” She said ”ok” I said ”If i win this one then we make out in the guys bathroom and if YOU win then we make out in the girls bathroom” (Credit to Brad for that one,he said something similar in his diary)She laughed and said ”we can just make out right here” I said ”we’ll see” Then she said ”if i win then I get to take your number” I said sure,but I already knew i was gonna score the make out. I’ve thumbwrestled too many damn girls over the years so I’m a seasoned vet at this thumb war shit! Sure enough I win,I pin her against the wall and start making out with her. This is about 2 minutes in the interaction. I stop first,always leave them wanting more. Now,it was totally on with this girl,BUUUTTT for some reason I still wanted to see what else was around. I got her number and told her I’ll run into her again. Kind of a dumb move,but honestly I wasn’t too worried about what happened.

I go hang with my friend again at the bar. He saw that I was chatting up that girl and he saw me make-out with her. He said ”yeah man,I got her number about a month ago” Ha! small world.. Nothing happened with them,he just took her digits. I had other things in mind. So I go back downstairs and go hang on the courtyard again. I’m not really seeing too many other girls to chat up.

I see herd(Hot nerd) girl again and she’s by herself. I said fuck it,it’s now or never to seduce this girl. I’m not taking a chance of trying to meet up with her later on. She lives far away too so time to make it happen now! I re-open her by saying ”you look lost little girl” She said she lost her friends that she came with which were 2 guys. I chilled with her for a second and texted her my number saying ”oliver is so hot” I then isolated her from the courtyard to the downstairs bar. This a 2 story bar and has an outside area if any of you guys are confused about how this bar is set up. I went in and had her sit on my lap. I played the are you nervous game with her. She said she never gets nervous,I started running my hand up her leg until I had my hand in her crotch. She had her legs crossed so it was hard to get full access to the goods. Maybe because there was people around still so I moved her again to the corner of the bar. I went for it again and started fingering her.. Damn! she was wet! I was fingering her while I was talking about the music the DJ was spinning. I kept teasing her by saying ”that’s all you get” Going in for the kill I said ”it’s loud in here,let’s go for a walk” I took her hand and led her outside. We walked outside and I started walking towards my car. Halfway there I pinned her up against the wall again and started making out with her and started fingering her. I waited until she was breathing heavy and then I’d stop again and say ”that’s all you get. We can’t do this in public anyway” and continued walking to my car. I said ”i need to stop at my car real quick” We were about a block away from my car so I was talking about random shit just to keep her mind engaged. I didn’t want her thinking about what could happen and her social conditioning to start kicking in. Any long pause on conversation could make her start thinking too much about what’s going on.So better to have her confused,horny and just leading the way.

We make it to my car,I open the back door,hop in and I pull her in. No resistance! We start fucking around,I pull the dick out,she’s stroking it and she asks me if I have a condom. Game over! I’m fucking her missionary style then she hops on top of me,the windows are fogging up. I get back on top,fuck her for a couple more minutes and blow a load! She said ”that was awesome!” We get our clothes back on and go back to the bar. I was super nice to her. When we got back I got some water for both of us and we just hang out. I met the guys she came with,super cool guys. I walked away for a few minutes to go see if I could go find the first girl that I met in the beginning of the night to see if I could pull her too! Haha I’m such a scumbag! I blame it on 30/30..

I tell her ”hey you should hang out in New Orleans tonight and I’ll bring you home tomorrow” She said ”let me go talk it over with my friends” her friends drove her and she lived about 30 minutes away from me.She already fucked me so she feels comfortable going home with me and I’m cool with the friends so I let her talk it over with them. She came back and said ”the friends are cool with it” Sweet! It’s like 4:30am at this point and I’m ready to go home. I go find my friend that i came with and he doesn’t want to leave the bar,he said let’s hang out for a second. I let him finish his beer and told him ”alright let’s go” He sees that ole girl is tagging along. We get to my car and he keeps asking us what we’re getting into as I’m driving him home. I said ”we’re calling it a night bro” He’s knows I fucked this girl in my car already so he seemed a little pissed off about something. He stayed persistent and started asking her ”what’re you getting into babe?” She’s coming home to suck my dick dude is what I wanted to say,but I just kept it subtle. ”She’s coming to hang with me and were gonna call it a night” Take a hint. I’m getting closer to his house and he INSISTS that we come inside! I get in front of his house and I say ”alright dude I’ll see you later” She hopped in the front seat and off we went!

We get inside my house and chill for a few. We fuck twice, one of those times me blowing a huge load all over her cute little face!

Girls are usually always willing to go home with you if you fuck them at the venue or in your car.They’ll find a way to make the logistics work once they’ve already hooked up with you for the most part. This has happened to me the past few times so it definitely works. I’m going for the car pull every time I’m out.I didn’t run too much game on this girl,a lot of it was normal conversation. Most of it was physical escalation and just leading the girl around. The amount of time I spent with this girl all together was a little under an hour. Once you spot high attraction it’s important to find an isolated spot and just go for it!


LR: Banged a girl in Mcdonald’s

Here’s a quick lay report for you guys. Went downtown the other night to meet up with a buddy of mine,he has a couple of girls meeting up with us. I never met these girls before,I knew I’d be playing wingman. We meet up with them,my friend’s target is a red headed chick and her friend is this really short skinny 20 year old. All good.

My friend gets in the middle of them and starts walking with his arms linked to there’s. The short one grabs onto me so I kino her back. I say “I wish we could get more people linked to us,it would be like the human centipede,just side by side,not ass to mouth” That got an explosive laugh from both girls. We walk a bit and I run into these other girls that i know. I walk a few feet and go talk to them,one is really hot and the friend is ok. I invited them to join us for bar hopping. We walk back to the other girls,I walk behind the short skinny one so she can’t see me,I kneel down and put my head between her legs and just stand up to where she’s on my shoulders. She’s like wtf! I say ”damn your soooo light I could toss you around like a rag doll” in a really sexual voice. I already had some sexual tension going on with this one. The other girls ended up walking off. Oh well. While the girl is on my shoulders she’s cupping the back of my ass with her feet if that makes any sense. I put her down after a few minutes of her on my shoulders and I accuse her of checking my ass out and she needs to quit it so I smack her ass.

I see my friend make out with his girl so I turn to the short one and say “alright” and just start making out with her on the street. I pull away. We find out that these girls are staying at a hotel on bourbon street which is where we were. So logistics sound good right? More on that later. My target actually made the pretense of going back to the hotel because she wants to get her bong. Excellent! We walk around a bit more. I finger my girl a bit up against the wall while her friend and my friend are in this store buying cigarettes. When they get out I go in and buy some condoms,my friend kept them engaged outside. Good job on his part.

We go inside of this club. We all dance for a bit and at this point my target and I already knew that we were going to fuck eachother. So while my friend and his girl are dancing I directly say to my target “let’s go get your bong’ She said ok,but she’s not supposed to leave her friend. I said ”we won’t be long they’re dancing” I figure this was a good time to isolate my target,but at the same time my friend having some alone time with his girl. We start to leave the venue,but wait! She dropped her cigarette’s Oh no!! Of course she has to go look around the dance floor for them. Now her friend is going to know what’s up. Sure enough she’s talking to her friend about her and I leaving to go get the bong. The friend is like ”well let’s go together” Damn! I also find out that the girl’s mom is at the hotel so i wasn’t going to be able to escalate there anyways. We all the leave the venue and end up back on the main street.

I tell my girl “I’m about to just bring you into one of these bars and just fuck you in the bathroom” At this point the girl was super into me and it was on so I was able to say something directly like this and I could get away with it. Her response was ” I know right,I’m bout it” So it’s 4 of us walking on the side of the street. I’m scoping around for a place to bring this chick. I see a couple of convenient stores that are run by foreigners. My friend and his girl are walking in front of us,so I take my girl’s hand and break away from the pack and they don’t even realize it. I go into one of the convenient shops ”do you have a bathroom in here” ”No sorry can’t help you” Onto the next store “do You have a bathroom? I really need to go” ”Sorrrry can’t help you” Ughh fuck! I walk back outside and see a Mcdonald’s! Cha ching cha ching! They definitely have a bathroom Lol

I pull her in there,walk past a couple of security guards and take her into the men’s bathroom. No one is in there! Yes! We get in the stall. I put a condom on and she takes her pants down and I bend her over and start banging her from the back. She’s getting phone calls,one from her friend and one from her BOYFRIEND back in Alabama! Yikes! She answers the phone while she’s moaning and tells him “I’ll call you back I’ll call you back” I’m going to hell! There were a couple of guys that walked in to use the bathroom. She’s moaning so I flush the toilet a couple times to block the noise hahaha

I blow a load,we finish up and there’s guy right outside washing his hands. We walk right past him like nothing happened. We go outside and run into her friend. We just told her that we went to get some water. She wasn’t mad at all,but she KNEW what happened. We all met up again. I tell my friend that I just banged my girl in the bathroom at Mickey D’s. He’s like seriously?

We walk back to the hotel where they’re staying at so she can get her bong finally. We get inside the hotel and get in the elevator. My girl and I get out and my friend stays in the elevator with his girl. I say ”whatever” and Istart looking for the nearest bathroom again. We find one,we get in and we fuck again at the hotel bathroom. We find the other 2 and we decide to call it a night because my friend has to wake up early for some sort of audition. I take my girl’s number.

Mcdonald’s let me have it my way for sure. Good night!


LR: 2 new lays in one night!

Hey guys,

Haven’t posted here in a while,but here’s a new lay report for y’all to enjoy and for educational purposes. If anyone has any questions please ask. Enjoy!

Background on 1st girl- I was out with a couple of buddies of mine that both study game. One is a 30/30 guy and the other is into the Mystery Method. i’m working on building my sense of entitlement so I was approaching the hottest chicks. Most of them were street approaches. I took 3 numbers and a couple of go no where sets. My state was getting pretty high,we ended up at this other bar that wasn’t too busy. I roll in take one lap around the bar,not seeing much.

As I’m coming back towards the front I see a sexy blonde with huge titties eyeing me down. We lock eyes with each other and I give her that ”what’s up” nod from a distance kind of half smiling. I walk right up to her and I’m already in stage 2 kino. Once the girl is eyeing you down like that you’ll be surprised how much kino you can get away with right from the beginning. My stage 2 kino consisted of me grabbing her right hand with my left and I had my right arm around her waist almost like we were in a slow dancing position. I spun her around and she said ”whoa! Do I know you?” I said ” Idk maybe” We small talked for a couple seconds then she said ”I’m a pole dancer you can tell by my abs” I said ”Really? Let see what you got” and I put my hand under her shirt and started feeling on her stomach. I said “not bad,almost as good as mine” as I’m taking her hand and rubbing it up and down my stomach. We started making out a little bit;I started dirty talking in her ear. This is all going down about 2 minutes into the interaction. I told her “If no one was in here I’d bend you over the bar and fuck the shit out of you” She said ”well we can’t do that,there’s too many people” I said ”I know right. Let’s go get some fresh air” I took her hand and pulled her right out of the bar. We go right next door of the bar on someone’s stoop and started making out like crazy,I started fingering her. She’s biting on my neck. She’s all like ”where do you stay?” I tell her where I live,but immediately try isolating to an alleyway to try to finish the job,but she’s giving resistance. She’s like ”I’m not fucking in an alleyway” I try pulling her one more time,then she leaves and goes back into the bar where all of her friends are. She’s with about 10 people by the way.

I walk back in the bar a couple of minutes later and go chill with my boys by the bar. The guy who studies the Mystery method was like ”dude I walked in,ordered my drink and when I turned around you were gone with that girl”.We were about to head to another bar to see what else was going on. I wanted to get her number,but my phone was dead. I asked this old lady next to me to give me a pen. I went back to the girl while she was sitting with all of her friends and put a napkin and the pen right on the bar. I vibed with all of the friends for a couple of minutes,cool people. I don’t think they had any idea what happened. She writes her number down,it should be pretty solid number. I mean that was a pretty strong first impression I’d say.My boy was saying ”I don’t know if you will be able to bang that one” hmm we’ll see about that. More on this girl later.

Background on 2nd girl- A couple of days after I met the blonde chick I met this brunette girl at the mall. I was on my way to the gym,but stopped at the mall first to grab a smoothie. I’m in a blue v-neck t-shirt,a snap back cap and my workout pants. Not really looking the best. I’m walking through the food court about to head out and I spot this brunette girl coming out of the bathroom checking me out. She’s in her work clothes,red lipstick,glasses,and huge titties. My FAVORITE!! I’m walking ahead of her at this point,but I slow down to let her catch up until she’s right next to me. I ask her if she likes horses. She said ”kind of” I said ”Cool well walk with me this is a very weird story” I deliver the line as we continue to walk. We end up outside the food court when I get to the punch line. I get the hug,we fluff talk for a couple of minutes. I found out she’s on her lunch break.We made plans to hang in the next couple of days. We thumb wrestle,when i beat her I held onto her hand and spun her around and we started slow dancing right by the entrance of the food court. I pull her in and make out with her. I have red lip stick all over my face! Hers is all smeared around her face too. I wipe that shit off my face. I get her contact info and tel her to walk me to my car. When we get to my car we make out again. I’m rubbing on her pussy outside of her pants and there’s people walking around. I smack her on the ass and say ”that’s all you get for now” got in my car and drove off! See ya! I should have tried fucking her in my car,but it was daytime and a lot of people walking around,but not bad for day game I’d say.

Now onto the action packed sex fest!

A couple of nights ago I was messaging the brunette on facebook because she doesn’t have a phone. We make plans to hang out. I go pick her up from her house and bring her to this sushi restaurant right by my house. We eat some food and I set the bait to go back to my house by saying I need to show you this dance video I’m in. She’s cool with it. We get back to my house,I give her the tour and we end up in my room. I close the door and we hop on my bed. Clothes start coming off. I fucked her once then we watched back to the future part 2. I started playing with her tits a few minutes later. She started blowing me and i blew a second load right into her mouth. We watched the rest of the movie and then I brought her home. Right after I dropped her off I get a text from a chick. can you guess which girl???? You got it right! The blonde headed pole dancer.

She texted me seeing what was up. We texted back and forth a bit and then I decided to call her. It was about midnight at this point,she definitely was in critical slut mode. She picked up the phone we chatted for a bit. She was talking about going to bed. I convinced her to let me come over since I was in her area. I also wanted to make this happen now while she was free. She’s a very busy girl with 2 jobs so this was the best time to make it happen. I got a little lost on the way over to her house,but I didn’t let her know that. She’s new to the area and doesn’t know the best way to get to her house.She probably would have changed her mind knowing I was going to take a little while to get there. I took that as an opportunity to build some comfort over the phone while I tried finding her place. I finally showed up and she was sitting on her porch when I pulled up. Damn she was hot!! She brings me inside straight to her room. She’s got a stripper pole in her bedroom hahah wtf. She’s a pole dancing instructor she told me. I said ”well let see some moves” She said she needs to get stretched out first. I said ”I’ll stretch you out” I gave her a little half ass massage and we started making out. I start fingering her,she’s breathing heavy and said she wants to blow me. I pull my dick out and she starts going to town on that. I take her clothes off,we fuck for a while. It was going to take me a while to blow a load since I already blew 2 loads earlier. She finished it off by sucking my cock again. I blew a load right into her mouth and she swallowed it. VERY NICE!

We laid there for a while and she asked me ”how many girls have you pulled out of the bar in such a short time and hooked up with them?” I said ”you were the first one” With a smile on my face. Not bad for a Monday night.


LR: ”Is your name Cody?”

Had a pretty crazy week. My results ended with 3 new lays and a blowjob in the back seat of my car. I will write a field report for up for the others soon so be on the lookout for those!
I banged this chick on Friday on a day2. I’ll highlight a few things that happened the night I met her.

About a week ago I got off work to meet up with 30/30 member Turbulance. We met at a nearby bar/restaurant to get some food and talk things over. We’re hanging out and there’s a booth with 4 hotties! Yummi! He decides to approach, he ejects after about a minute. I decide to go over and see what their deal is. I said something similar to the quality control opener. They just got out of the Miley Cyrus concert. Oh joy! Supposedly I said something that offended one of the girls. It turned into blown out situation. Pretty harsh blowout too,they said I was mean, putting their hands in my face and blah blah blah. It was my first approach of the night so no biggie! I went back over to my table. I was already over the blowout,doesn’t do any good to sit and think about it all night. Make yourself laugh at the blowout and that will keep you staying positive. That’s been working well when I get blown out, just laugh it off. No matter how bad the rejection is that will always work well.

We finish eating and we head to Bourbon street. It’s packed with all these girls who went to see the Miley Cyrus concert. I went out tonight with a goal of being more aggressive with my approaches. My approaches are already pretty aggressive, but I think I can push the boundaries more. I don’t use many routines anymore. A lot of my game consists of me just talking normal while I’m escalating the girl. I’ll literally be talking about the weather and be running my hand through the girl’s hair as an example. Of course I’ll toss in a few ”you want me frames” but,doing too many routines can be a little too much. I’ve had to calibrate my game down a lot since I’m already a decent looking guy so I have to be careful to not be too arrogant/overgaming/etc.

Approach 2- A 2 set standing outside of a convenient store. I walked up to HB:Blondie and held out my hand, she raised her hand and I started thumbwrestling her. She laughs of course when I don’t say a word. After a few seconds I tell her ”I’ve never lost” I still have her hand and I spin her around and pull her into me giving her hard eye contact. In a sexual tone I tell her ”Your fucking adorable” and I make out with her. Instant makeout! Bam! Her friend is just watching the whole thing. I look at her and say ”oh how rude of me! I’m Oliver” and shake her hand. I said ”It was nice meeting y’all! then we bounced. The girls were thinking like wtf just happened haha.

Approach 3- Another 2 set standing outside a strip club. A Spanish chick with huge titties and a very cute Asian girl. They look like they were in the middle of an intense conversation. Hmmm what would be a good opening line here? Yep,lesbian DTR opener. I walked up to the side of them and put both of my hands on their shoulders while I delivered the opener.

Me: ”Ok y’all… I can tell y’all are in the middle of a deep conversation………SOOO if this is a lesbian DTR conversation I don’t want to interrupt!”

That got a huge laugh. I followed up with..

Me: ”So is this y’alls second date or what?”

After a couple minutes I switched to normal mode, but even though I’m talking about normal shit they can tell that I have a strong sexual vibe. Giving strong eye contact and imagining what dirty things you’d do to them projects that so girls get attracted to that when you have a strong sexual intent. I’m chatting up both girls and I see that the Asian girl has a tongue piercing. I tell her how I think that’s sexy. At this point I’m giving hard eye contact to the Spanish chick. I’m holding her hand and looking her up and down. I go right in for a kiss and she goes for it! We make out for a few seconds. I stop and look at the Asian girl and say ”you having fun watching this? Don’t feel left out” and made out with the Asian girl. Instant double makeout on the street!! Awwww yeah!
We stop after a couple seconds, then she starts making out with me again. She wanted more! I took both of their hands and walked them to this little doorway. I started making out with them again and I put the Spanish girl’s hand out my dick. Her eyes lit up and looked at her friend and said ”he’s got a huge dick!” I started rubbing Spanish girl’s pussy,but she backed away. She said she got her clit pierced so it was sensitive. She said ” You’ll just have to plow my friend since my vagina is sensitive” Lol okay?? Their friends come out of the strip club and I stop my escalation. I took the Spanish chicks number. It was their last night in town. I hit her up a little later and she responded, but the logistics were bad so they couldn’t meet up. Oh well!

Approach 4- I go up to a 3 set and deliver the ”we are stunning” line. Opens well. The girls are lesbians and the other one was like an aunt or something. Not that attractive so I didn’t game her. After a couple of minutes I get approached by a group of 6 girls checking me out. All hot! I’m not really saying much until a really sexy brunette asks ”Is your name Cody?” I say ”yeah my name’s cody” She responded with ” I made out with a Cody, but found out he was gay” I think I’m going to use that line, but swap Cody with a girl’s name. It was similar to the ”sex last week’s opener” lol
I said ”well I was drunk and can’t remember making out with you. Were you a good kisser?” She said ”yeah I would think so” I said ”well I can’t remember i’m going to test you out” and made out with her in front of all of her friends! They all started cheering me on. I took a couple of pictures with them.

I hung out with them for a while. My target girl asked to walk her and her friend to the hotel they’re at because her friend is super drunk and needed to go to sleep. The rest of her friends stayed out and continued partying. Nice! We get to the hotel and she puts her friend in the other bed. The friend falls asleep. My target girl is changing her clothes. She’s tiny as fuck with huge titties. OMG!
She hops in the bed and we start making out. She blows me and I come all over her stomach. All of her friends show up a while later to the hotel room drunk as My target and I sleep on the floor while all the other girls are sleeping in the beds. We hook up one more time. No sex. She brings me back to my car in the morning.

We keep in touch for a few days and she decided to come visit me last Friday. I had her meet me at my house and we went to play pool. We were there for a couple hours. I bring her back to my house and tell her to come inside for a little bit. We get in there and it’s a done deal from there. I banged the crap out of her. She’s so little so I was tossing her all over the place and she loved every second of it!

Thanks for reading!


LR: ”The attack of the orbiters”

This is a pretty funny report. I’m writing this right now in an apple store. My computer is messed up at my house. They got this dude standing right next to me as I write this! Onto the action. Me and a friend of mine went out the other night to this club to go meet up with some girls that we’ve been talking to. This one chick I’ve been talking to has been wanting my dick for so long. We never had a chance to hook up because of the living situations. She lives about an hour away from me so it’s been hard to get it done.

Tonight these girls got us into VIP. It was them and bunch of dudes. I didn’t spend too much tim around them. I went off and did my own thing. After a couple of hours I’m hanging outside with my boy david and the girls come outside and say ” c’mon let’s go down the street, we got a hotel room.” Nice! We walk and get into the hotel room. They told us that they paid for the room.

Were chillin in there and a couple minutes later my boy takes his girl into the bathroom to go take a shower. I’m left in the room with my girl on my bed. I start escalating and we start making out. A few minutes later I have her pants off and I start fucking her without a condom. She said she was on birth control. Ehhh still get worried about that still. Anyway were doing that and my friend and his girl come out of the bathroom,jump into the other bed and they start fucking each other.

After a few minutes I blow a load all over her stomach. My friend and his girl are still going at it. This is where it got weird. A couple minutes later we hear a big knock at the door. It sounded like the cops were outside. These 2 guys come in and say ”if anyone is in here I’m going to kill someone.” Oh shit! These 2 guys(orbiters) were the ones who paid for the hotel room. They probably thought they were going to be hooking up with these chicks and they come in and see them getting pounded in their hotel room. yikes! I put my clothes back on and was ready to tackle somebody if I had to. The 2 girls run into the bathroom and lock the door. My friend’s clothes were in the bathroom still. So he’s sitting on the bed with a towel over his crotch looking like a little kid in the principles office for getting in trouble. The 2 guys are standing there with there arms folded saying ”get out get out” I go knock on the bathroom door and tell them to throw his clothes out.

We leave right after that. We found out that right after we left the girls left the guys at the hotel. Those dudes were fucking pissed. Those girls played the fuck out of them. I think these girls told them lets get a hotel just so they could fuck me and my friend in there.

Anyway we get out of the hotel and my other friend who drove us out there comes and picks us up. He got laid that night too! A night to remember.

LR: Threesome action!

Excuse the flaws in this writing. This report is from a few years back.

okay i know this is only month 2,but i feel like i should write this up. I had my first threesome last night.I just happened to be in the right place at the right time. There was a sentence in the diary of a pick up artist ebook where brad says its good to ”be around” you never know what might come your way.Some luck had played in it as well,but here it is.

i went out last night with a few people to downtown new orleans.We stopped at this place called red eye.I ran into a girl that i knew and she was with a friend;one was 30 and the other was 29.We’ll call them hb30 and hb29.We chatted for a bit. we headed out because 2 of the people that i was with got there IDs taken away shortly before we ran into the girls (long funny story) So we head back home because they couldn’t get in anywhere.I get a text from hb30 saying that i should come meet up with them.The other girl hb29 texted me too.I texted back and said”Ill probably come meet up with y’all,but it’s just going to be me” hb29 texted back and said ”that’s good,me and my friend like to share” with a winky emoticon.i said ”well we’ll see what happens” I tried playing it real cool.So i meet up with them at the venue and there talking to an old friend that they knew.I introduced my self to the group pulled up a chair and just chilled out.After the guy leaves;the 2 girls and i are left talking.We venue change to the red eye again right up the street.We go in and start dancing.I make out with both of them.Hb29 was pretty hesitant at first,but managed to get past that.i was getting very good kino off both of these girls;they were getting real touchy with me as well.These girls had a history of hooking up together i found out.They kissed a couple times on the dance floor. We venue change one more time to this other place and i found out that they didn’t have a ride back to there place.i found out the girl lives like 3 minutes away from me.We finally leave the downtown area and head back to hb29 place. We pull up in front of the house and I tell them that ”i have to use the bathroom”(pretense for getting inside) Man that place was a mess!ha i use the bathroom,go into the girls room and they’re both changing there shirts,ha i saw titties.I walk in there and hop onto the bed.hb 29 is messing with the laptop while me and hb30 are making out on the bed.hb29 tries staying on the computer,then she goes to the bathroom.I asked the other girl”how should we get the other girl in bed with us?” its like we were a team and figuring out how we were going to rail this girl.haha. I said ”we could just attack her when she gets back in”.We didn’t need to do any of that.when she came back in,she hopped into the bed with us.i started making out with both of them again.i pull out my dick they start sucking it.pants come off.hb30 gets on top of hb29 and they start making out.I put a condom on and start fucking hb29 while hb30 is on top of her.after a few minutes hb29 said i need to share the problem!so i started fucking hb30 from behind while she was licking hb29 pussy.After a few minutes hb30 was finished.So me and hb29 got it on again.She started sucking my cock.a couple minutes later i was about to blow a load.This was funny,i was over them wacking it and hb30 was going down to eat out hb29 pussy.right before she got down there i blew a load and it landed right on top of hb29 pussy and hb30 got a mouth full of semen! she was like “eww omg!” ha! we just chilled out in bed after that. I left around 5 home and went to bed.
Definitely a good night.this definitely was an ego boost for me and i now know whats possible.hopefully i will have that mastered by the end of the 12 months.



LR: Jealousy plotline leads to seducing 2 girls in one night

This report is from last night. I was involved in this dance performance with 70 dancers. They did all hip hop choreography. I’m not into choreography dancing that much.I ran in there and did a few breakdancing tricks.Crowd always goes wild for that. Anyway I had 2 target girls that were in the dance routine with me. First girl we’ll call ”blondie” I’d say an 8 with very nice rack. She’s 24 and I found out she used to be a stripper a couple years back. The other girl is a brunette. Id say a 7.5. She’s a little thick. Not a bad thick though,she’s not fat. She’s big boned,but sexy.

I flirted with these girls a couple times when rehearsing our dance routine. They like that I breakdance so I already had value in there eyes.No need to do much gaming. Just flirt an see what happens. I got blondies number at practice;the day before the performance. She wanted me to go have drinks with her a few other people that are in the performance with us. I said ”maybe, we’ll see” and I flaked on her. That wasn’t on purpose I just found something else to do.

Fast forward to after the performance. We all go to outback to go eat an have some drinks.Blondie called me out for not calling her. I said”I’m sooo sorry,I’ll have to make it up to you” we flirted for a minute and I walked away. I was with a big group of dancers and my 2 target girls were at the table with us. The brunette girl was sitting directly across from me so it was easy for me to kick game at her. She was loving every minute of it.I was teasing her and her friend that sat right next to her.We were kicking each other from under the table n stuff. Blondie was all the way at the end. We could still chat with each other though. I sent her a text: ”If I was a schoolbus,would you ride in the front or the back?” She found out it was me and started laughing. She sent me a message back that said something like ” I’ll ride your face and use your ears as pedals” or something. I was more interested in getting with the blond headed chick than the brunette.They had about 4 other dudes that wanted to get with Blondie though. So I knew I was going to have to kick some hard game at her.She’s a sweet girl,but to nail her I was going to have to put in some work. So i decided I’m going to flirt with the brunette girl in front of the blond headed girl and get her jealous.

As were leaving the brunette had taken my sunglasses so I chased her down to get them back from her. Blondie saw us flirting with each other and said something sarcastically like ” omg ya’ll are so cute” I put my arm around the brunette and said ”thanks, don’t we look adorable together?” She said yes. Then I put my arm around blondie and asked the brunette ”if we looked good together” I could tell some competition was going on between them. Ha! This was going to be fun. We left outback and went to a bar.

I rode with the brunette,my boy,some gay guy,and this other girl. We get to the bar and were dancing and stuff. Blondie rolls in and she sees me dancing with the brunette girl. I think she saw us making out too. I had to make sure i wasn’t just flirting with the brunette girl though. So I would go up to blondie and flirt with her every few minutes. She kept grabbing my dick. There was definitely some sexual tension building between us. I slapped her ass a few times. Teased her while kinoing. She was trying to make me jealous too by dancing with the other guys in the bar. They were all sweating her big time. So I figured best to stay back and just chill. I would go and make my presence known a few times and then leave her.The brunette girl and I already made plans for me to spend the night over at her house so I wasn’t too worried about seducing the brunette now.

We all roll into another bar. Were chillin in there dancing. I talk to the blond headed chick for a few minutes. She said ”well it looks like that other girl got to you before me” I said ”well these other guys(a couple of them were my friends) in here are really into you so I didn’t want to ruin it for them.They’re all reeeallly nice people”.My 2 friends really want to get with this girl.We chat for a few more minutes and she tells me she wants to get picture of me and the brunette and frame it.She also wants to make dinner for us.I could tell my little jealousy plotline was working. About an hour later we get kicked out because our dancing was too vulgar. haha everybody was giving each other lap dances an shit. We leave and go into another bar.

The whole group rolls in and Blondie says ” I need to go to the bathroom,who needs to go to the bathroom?” I said ”I have to go” ( determining instinct) That was about a 2 second opportunity I had to get into the bathroom with this chick and I took it. there was no escape for her either if we went in there together,She was going to get fucked!!She says ”okay lets go” She leads the way,grabs my hand and brings me into the womens bathroom. Of course as soon as we get into the stall we start making out like crazy!! She says ” you wanna?” I grabbed a condom out of my wallet and we got to it.I was hitting it from the back. I was a little tipsy so I couldn’t blow a load and we didn’t have that much time and people started coming into the restroom! shit! Blondie says ” look you cant say anything. We will be able to fuck a bunch if you don’t say anything.” I said ” no problem,You don’t have to worry about that. I’d like to have a whole night in bed with you.” She also said that she wants to fuck my friend.I was a little caught off guard with that one. Oh well. got to stay non judgmental. At least I got her before they did. hehe

She left the stall and I followed a couple minutes later. I think people knew that we fucked but no one said anything. Luckily the brunette girl didn’t find out.

Fast forward a little. It was late as fuck. So I hopped in the car with the brunette and her friend and we went back to the brunettes house. We get inside chill for a couple minutes. We decide to go to bed. We get in bed. I start escalating. Panties off,shirt off. No LMR at all. We fuck once then I fall asleep. We wake up and she brings me home in the morning. What a night!


LR: Meet to bathroom sex with a hot Australian. Took about 15 minutes.

So I Went out last night for my work’s Christmas party. My co-workers and I decided to hit up this bar later in the evening. The bar was pretty empty considering it was a Monday night. Not too many chicks around,but I wasn’t too worried anyway since I was having a good time just hanging with my friends. I happen to spot a hot brunette on the dance floor. I go right up and start dancing with her for a few seconds and then she walks away to go back to her friend. She said ” I’ll be right back.”

A few minutes later I go to the patio area and I see her and her friend sitting next to my buddy that I brought along to the Christmas party. All four of us are chatting and I’m not really gaming her much. She was talking to me at one point when I was texting some chick. She asked ”so who are you messaging?” I said ”aww look at you getting all jealous. I barely know you and you’re so into me already.” I take her to the dance floor again and we dance again for a couple minutes. She was trying to say something to me,but it was too loud. I used that as an excuse to isolate her to a table in the corner of the bar. She’s siting next to me just chatting and I up the physical escalation quite a bit,rubbing the back of her neck etc. We start making out. I take my jacket off and I cover my crotch area with it and pull my cock out. I take her hand and put it on my cock and I say ”look what you did to me.” She starts giving me a handjob under my jacket. Keep in mind,we’re in public with people standing around. Haha I love it! I tell her ”if nobody was in here I ‘d lay you right on this table and fuck the shit out of you.”

She’s giving me the fuck me eyes. I look at her and say ”actually,I’m going to fuck you.” I stand up and start walking to the bathroom giving her the eye to follow me. She follows me right into the bathroom. There’s one bathroom stall and there’s no lock on it. The sex was not all that enjoyable. The stall was way too small and there’s literally people trying to get into the stall to use the bathroom while this girl is riding me. Her body was so nice! Perfect tits and ass. I’m pulling the door shut with one hand! There was a lot of multitasking going on. A few people actually peeked their heads over the stall while we were fucking including her friend and the bartender! The bartender came in about 3 times times telling us to wrap it up. She’s having a great time though. All together there were about 4 people that saw us getting it on in the bathroom stall. Oh well,that’s what social freedom and experience get you. I really didn’t care. I was lucky though that the bartender was real cool about it and we didn’t get in trouble. I tried to film it,but the stall was too dark. I blow a load and we get dressed. I get out of the bathroom and all my co-workers have a shocked look on their face. My manager has a smile on his face and says ”we need to have a talk.” I didn’t exchange numbers with her. I could tell she was all about the one night stand. I hugged her as I was leaving and said it was great meeting you. She said ”you too.” Great night!


Gaming at the Mall

Went out a couple nights ago with a fellow 30/30 member to get some approaches done at the mall. It’s been a while since I made it a point to do approaches so it’s good to stay sharp. My buddy is an approach machine,he did about 10 approaches I believe within about an hour. Good job on his part. He’s got some work to do,but he’s well on his way. He and I are in the food court and I spot this cute brunette ordering a drink at subway. I go up and deliver horsegirl and she’s instantly attracted. I got the hug and had her laughing within a few seconds. We small talked for a couple minutes and I suggested we go sit at one of the tables. We get to the table and we talk some more. We got on the topic of music. She’s really into 60’s rock n roll so we vibed on that for a bit. She was on break and had to get back to work. I took her number and she split. My buddy gets back to the table where I’m sitting.

About a minute goes by and there’s this cute emo chick and her guy friend sitting behind us. Behind me there was about a 4 foot wall blocking the girl and I and she was sticking her head over. I turned around and told them ”hey, y’all are being extremely loud. Keep it down!!” Of course I said it in a playful tone. She’s all giggly. I said ”hey I saw y’all two earlier,are y’all stalking me?” The girl laughs and her guy friend says ” I think you’re stalking us.” I quickly framed controlled that and said ”You can’t take what I said and flip it on me. You think you’re slick,but y’all we’re totally stalking me. You can’t fool me.” The guy says nothing and the girl is laughing. I went into the stalker routine.

“Hey,I’ll let you be my personal stalker though. The ones I have right now suck. They’re so not original. I’m tired of them watching me outside my window while I shower. I want a stalker more creative. Like if i’m taking a bubble bath,I want my stalker to poke her head from underneath the bubbles. I have total faith in you.” I high fived her after that. She’s super attracted so I decide to water the game down a bit and go normal. I introduced myself to the guy and the girl. I found out she also works at the mall and she was off work. We chit chat for a few more minutes and take her number. I text her ”oliver is so hot.” My buddy and I leave. She starts messaging me a few minutes later. I told her we should meet up and she said she’s down for that. I pick her up from her house and we go get a movie and bring it back to my place. A few minutes into the movie I go for the makeout and she goes for it. I suck on her titties and i’m fingering her a bit. She’s very shy so no sex,but she gave me a handjob. I blow a load and bring her back home when the movie’s over. We text back and forth a good bit the next day and I think I can seal the deal the next meet up.

I also met up with the first girl I got the number from in the food court. I met up wih her last night at a bar that’s very close to my house. Again,this grl is pretty shy so I don’t rely on her to carry on conversation. We have a couple drinks. She’s a Doors fan and I asked her if she ever saw the movie. She said ”no” I said ”Omg you have to see it! I actually have it. We’ll watch it later”and I quickly change the subject. The seed has been planted to go watch the movie later. Once the bar clears out I say ”hey,let’s go watch that movie. I can’t believe you never saw it!” She agrees and she follows me to my house. I put the movie on and it’s pretty much a repeat from the previous night. Making out,sucking on titties, She’s jerking me off. No sex. She said next time she comes over we’ll have more fun. No worries there. I don’t mind getting handjobs. Lol. 2 solid numbers turned into meet ups.


LR: SNL with 18 year old hottie!

Went out last night to a club that I go to frequently with a couple of friends. We get in there and it’s pretty packed. I go order a drink and this really cute brunette is standing next to me with her friend about to order a drink. The brunette said she likes my NBA Pelicans hat. I ask her if she’s a basketball fan and I went into some identity stuff. I was getting good touch responses as well. Her friend recognizes me and gives me a big hug and is very excited to see me. Good social proof from the friend. I don’t run any routines really. In the club environment it’s good to just have a fun vibe and be very touchy feely. It’s very easy to come across as very try hard if someone is always saying a routine. Lately,I’m trying to come across as very non try hard. A bold routine may come out every now and then,but it’s only to spice things up a bit if things are getting boring. I’m feeling all on her sides. She’s very petite. I made a comment on how I’d toss her around like a rag doll. She smiled so it’s pretty much on! I also have other girls I know saying hi to see so I’m getting social proof from all over. I don’t stay around her the whole night. I go back and forth throughout the night to hang with her and she’s always very receptive. I try to kiss her a couple times and she doesn’t let me. It’s starting to get late and I suggest to he brunette and her friend to bounce to another spot. They’re down for that.

On the way to the car the brunette’s friend shows me her boob lol. I was already pretty turned on by this point so I take her friend’s hand and put it on my cock saying ”look what you did.” She laughs and tells her friend to come get a feel. I push the brunette against the wall and make out with her. Then I pull away and say ”that’s all you get. Let’s go!” We all get into the car. I was thinking about trying to pull some threesome action,but the brunette’s friend is wasted at this point. She’s calling a friend trying to find her. She walks back down the street and leaves me in the car with the cute brunette. I hop in the back seat and we start making out. I started teasing her again. I’d make out with her and then stop. My favorite thing to do is wait for the girl to try and kiss you and keep moving your head back. I did that for a couple of minutes. I pull my dick out and she starts blowing me. I’m fingering her. I get the clit and then go for the g-spot. She’s loving it. I get a condom on and we start getting it on in my back seat! We finish up and her friend never returned. She lives in my area so we stayed at my house for the night and we just passed out. That was a lot of cardio and we needed some rest.

Cheers fellas!


LR: Don’t test me little girl

So Thursday night I’m kicking it with my friend at the apartment pregaming before we hit the city. A promoter that my friend I know invited us out to a party with free bottle service and what not. Cool shit!

We get to the club and we’re introduced to our section. We started drinking and I was getting a bit tipsy. I don’t recommend newbies to go out and drink. I like to personally go out and have some drinks if I’m hanging with friends. If I’m strictly going out to sarge, then no drinking. Period. Back to the story.

So there’s this cute fit black chick hanging around our section. She’s got an orbiter guy with her. He’s a bit older and smothering her and being over protective. She was giving me the eye so when I’d go flirt with her,he’d pull her away. Fucker! Time to diffuse this orbiter. I see her again by our table and he cockblocks again and takes her away. Oh no. Shit’s about to get real.

So I see her AGAIN by the bar and I aggressively start flirting with her. This time orbiter dude isn’t around. I can’t remember the exact verbals that went back and forth. She said something along the lines of ”You won’t make a move on me,” Hahaha She doesn’t even know who the fuck she’s dealing with! I say ”oh really?” I then grabbed her hand and pulled her outside into a parking lot. We start making out and I pull my cock out. She’s jerking me off saying I never sleep with white guys. I say ”Yeah I was going to say the same thing about black girls” She started to get more turned on the more she played with my cock. She eventually started blowing me behind a car.

That went on for a couple minutes and then I pulled a condom out of my wallet. I put it on and started fucking her from behind. She wanted to change positions. I sat on the back bumper of a car and she got on top and started riding me. While this was going on she accidently kick this heavy ass pole and hit landed directly on my foot! It hurt soooo bad!! The pole did not move that’s how heavy this fucking thing was. I continued going at it anyway. She wanted to stop because of my foot. I said ”it’s cool it’s cool!” We did it for a couple more minutes and she just got up and left. She seemed freaked out. I limped to the front where I saw her catching a cab. I said ”let’s take one together” she agreed. We hop in the cab and I suggest we go back to my apartment. She declines and gives the cab driver her address,but still proceeds to blow me in the back of the cab. This is going on while i’m getting a great view of NYC. What a night! She tells me to take her number. She leaves and I go back home.

We text back and forth quite a bit the following day. Last night she came over and we were right where we left off. I fucked her a couple times and blew a load right into her mouth. She’s a candidate for threesomes. We were talking about that a bit. I’ll see what I can do to pull that off.

Thanks for reading!


LR: Fucked her in a New York minute!

So far I’ve been in New York for a little over a week. I’m living here for the summer just to experience a different scene. It was time to get away from New Orleans for a little while. I’m glad I made that decision!

I was exploring the city the other day with a buddy of mine. It was around 6pm and it was time I made my way back to the apartment I’m crashing at. I finally make it back to the lower east side and I’m about a block away from my apartment.
On my way there I spot a cute blonde standing on the corner. I ask myself “should I or No?” I start walking towards her. I didn’t even know what opener I was going to use. I used cotton candy and the set opened very well. This girl was already in a high BT state of mind. She was a bit tipsy. I assume she was with some friends earlier in the day and had a couple drinks. She told me where to find the cotton candy. I said ”thanks so much!” and I rewarded her with stage 2 kino which she was totally receptive to! I took her number,but I decided to try and push it further. I figure out logistics and she’s on her way to meet some friends. She was giving me those bedroom eyes so we started making out on the street.

I instantly grab her hand and start leading her back to my place. She’s like ”where are we going?” I said “I need an escort back to my apartment so you an protect me from these weirdos on the street. The people in NYC are so aggressive!” We get to the front of the apartment and I say ”this is the place I’m staying at for the summer. I’ll give you the tour.” I lead her upstairs and into the apartment. My room mates girlfriend was leaving as I arrived! I pulled her right into my bedroom and it was on! We’re making out and clothes are coming off. I throw her on the bed and I pull a condom out and hand it to her. She opens it for me and hands it back to me. I like doing that just so I can get a little bit more investment from her. It’s a small compliance test,but I think it works well.

We start fucking for a few minutes and out of no where she says “I have to go. I have to go!” She was getting the anti- slut defense right in the middle of the action. I don’t freak out. I’m just like ”okay yea sure.” I wasn’t going to try to force her to stay. Maybe she’s not used to getting fucked that quickly. Meet to sex all happened within about a 5 minute period. So maybe she was freaking out about that. She goes on with ”Oh shit. I need to go meet my friends! I’m such a bad person. Omg!” I helped her get her stuff while saying ”Look no need to feel bad. I had a great time with you and you don’t have to worry about me thinking you’re a bad person.” She kept insisting that she shouldn’t have done that. I walk her back down stairs so she can catch a cab. I say ”can I text you later?” Total chump style,but I think it’s crucial to act a bit vulnerable when the girls are in this kind of state. She said ”you’re not going to text me.” I said ” You may be surprised” She hopped in a cab and she was gone!

That was fun! I still have a whole summer ahead of me!


LR: Seduced a bitchy hooters waitress on a day 2

I met this girl about 3 weeks ago at this bar in Baton Rouge which is about an hour away from where I live. I was there with a few friends of mine that are dancers too. I’m in there just chillin out,dancing and stuff. This girl comes up to me and says ”my friend over there wants your number” I said ”well she’s going to have to come get it from me if she wants it.” I would have given the friend the number,but I figured it would have been better to interact with the friend that liked me. I can get her more attracted and have more of a likely chance of her coming to meet up with me.She was cute. Id say an 8

So sure enough she comes over and the first thing that popped into my head is ”wait I think I know you. Do you like horses?” I did the horsegirl line on her. She laughed and kinda walked away shocked,but she came back.

MENTAL NOTE- I need to be careful to not over game when the girl is already interested in me.The game was pretty much over.All I had to do was just vibe with her and that would have been it. If she happened to get offended by the horsegirl line I would have been screwed because my value would have been wayy too high. Luckily she thought it was funny.

Back to the story- After the horsegirl line. I calibrated down and just started vibing with her. it was loud in the venue so I said”it’s loud in here,let’s go talk outside.” She complied and I grabbed her by the hand and walked outside with her. She looked nervous as hell.Like shaking and stuff. I knew the problem wasn’t me;she was just a little nervous and all I did was talk her ear off to make her more comfortable. No awkward pauses or anything;I just talked about random shit.It seemed to work out just fine.She told me she works at hooters.I did a similar,shorter version of smart hot rich routine, 8 girlfriends routine. She got up and kind of walked away shocked again about the 8 girlfriends thing.She said ”that’s why my boyfriend and I aren’t together anymore.he was sleeping with different girls while we were dating.” I told her that I was just joking and quickly changed the subject. Gotta keep it fun. After a few minutes of chatting i got her number. I sat her on my lap and told her ”the phone rules” and stuff. That was that.

We texted back an forth for a few days just mainly fluff talking until we decided to meet up. I told her to come visit me in New Orleans and she can come out with me and my friends. A ”my world” kinda date. She showed up to my house last saturday by herself. We had already made an agreement that she was going to sleep over too. Were chillin in my living room and my other friend comes over.She’s kinda flirting with him when he comes over. I play it cool and decide for us to go get daiquiris.After we stop at the daiquiri shop we leave and go to my other friend’s house. My girl is sitting in the passenger seat and she’s throwing some tests at me. I disarmed some off them just by changing the subject.

This is where things got a little weird. We get to the other house and there’s about 4 other dudes there. She starts flirting with this other guy there. He’s drunk as hell. He’s this well built guy who does some UFC fighting.He’s just babbling on about it for like 20 minutes. His words were are all slurred an shit. She was throwing statements of interest to him like ”omg your funny,your awesome!” I was talking to him too. A couple times he would be talking to me and my phone rang and Id cut him off and start talking on the phone.Giving the impression that he’s not that important to miss a phone call.She went and sat by him and started talking to him. I just figured this was another test she was throwing at me. She was being a bitch to me,but being real flirtatious with my friends. I teased her in response to her tests. I managed to stay calm and relaxed and to not make it look like it was affecting me. There was no reason for me to think this game was over. Logistics are in my hand. Her car is at my house.She’s staying at my house. I’m her ride for the night.

We get out of there and decide to go to this bar.On the way over there she gets a phone call from her ”hooters boss” and she’s on the phone with her for about 10 minutes gossiping about some stupid drama that happened at didn’t sound important.The conversation was going in circles.Going no where. So i said ”tell her your going to call her later,i’m about to turn my radio up.” She complied and ended the phone call. We get there and she can’t get in because she’s 19 and it was 21 and up. She made a statement earlier about not wanting to stay out too late and stuff.

We decide to leave and go home. I was so tired from the crazy night before.That was another story I wrote about called ” 4 makeouts and my first bathroom pull” So I was okay with leaving. So hooters girl,my friend and I leave the bar. I had to bring my friend back to his car. On the way she kept testing me. Whenever she would say something stupid I would turn the radio up really loud to cut her off.She would laugh and then hit me. I wasn’t playing her little games.

I drop my boy off back at his car and me and my girl go back to my house. It was pretty much a done deal from there. Got her into my room. We cuddled. clothes started coming off. Fucked her twice. She left at 7 in the morning.

This girl is kind of psycho.I can tell she definitely has some issues and I heard that from a few other people that know her.I’m not that attracted to her. She’s cute an all,but her bitchy attitude was turning me off at the same time. However, I managed to hang in there. All of those tests that she was throwing me forced my game to get better. We texted back an forth a few times the next day.

LR:Restaurant customer

So I’ve been working at this fine dining restaurant for about 2 years and never slept with any of the guests that’s come in yet. I’ve gotten numbers before and even met up with some of them, but just never got to seal the deal with any yet. I’ve only been serving for about a year so I still have time to get this down. The trick here is that I have to be very subtle with the flirting. I don’t want to get in trouble hitting on customers. Usually I’ll get tourists at my tables and they’ll always want to know what bars to check out later that night. So I’ll suggest a few spots and a lot of the times they’ll ask me to meet up with them. That’s when I put a paper and pen on the table and tell the girl ”ok cool write your number down, I’ll text you when I leave here” That seems to work fine.

Last night was a different situation. There was an 18 top bachelorette party that came in. Yummi! They sat in another section of the restaurant and my buddy was waiting on them. He got attraction from a couple of the girls and they invited him out with them. He told me later in the night that he wanted me to go out with him. Ha no problem! I never met any of these girls yet. The girls leave a couple of their numbers on the table. He finds out what bar they’re at and we head that way. We find them at the bar. The girls all notice him and get all happy. I introduce myself to them with a very warm friendly vibe. Sometimes all you have to do in situations like this when you’re already invited into their social circle is to just have a good energy and have fun. No need to game too much. There’s so much margin for error to fuck it up. My goal was to just match their energy levels and have fun and see what happens. No attachment to outcome! So I’m just chillen shootin the shit with a couple of the girls when a blonde hottie in their group introduces herself to me. Tall skinny girl with a decent rack.We chat a bit about where she’s from. I can tell this girl has been drinking a bit and she’s horny as hell! I do bit of stage 1 kino on her and she’s receptive. Then she stage 2 kinos me! Oh it’s over! I was teasing her a bit saying ”I don’t hook up with girls and that I’m a virgin so don’t get any ideas” She’s loving it.

Eventually we all bounce to a different bar. My friend is hanging with one of the other girls who expressed a lot of interest in him at the restaurant. they’re hitting it off well. We go to a karaoke bar. We’re all dancing with each other and just having a good time. I’m hanging with blondie and there’s a lot of kino going on. She buys me a drink so that’s some good investment on her part. I figure I’ll try to isolate because I always try to make a move somewhere in mid game to let my intentions be known. I want her to view me as a sexual threat and not just some dork who’s going to just hang out with her and just dance to ”I’m so fancy” Please people we’re trying to seduce these women. So I say ”let’s go check out the courtyard” I take her hand and lead her outside. I’m leaning against the wall and pull her into me. We start making out pretty heavy. I rubbed her pussy a bit outside of her dress. I stopped first just to let the tension build up more. I said ”ok enough of that let’s go dance I love this song!” So now she knows that I mean business. That’s where you want to be!

We dance a bit more then we leave. We bounce to a strip club for a little while then they all decide to leave. The logistics are perfect. their all staying in a hotel suite with there own rooms. So they start walking towards the hotel. I don’t ask if I can come up or anything I jus assume they’re going to invite me in. We get to their rooms. The pack starts separating leaving me and my girl. We walk down to her room we get inside. She jumps on the bed,I lay next to her and we start making out. I slow cook her a bit by biting her neck and running a non linear escalation on her. I eventually start fingering her and she’s getting super turned on. She told me ”were not having sex tonight” Once I hit the g-spot she said ”do you have a condom?” Done deal!

LR: Roll through the punches

This one is pretty good because it required a crap load of persistence, I didn’t think this lay was going to happen. My game has gotten to the point where I absolutely HATE getting numbers unless it’s necessary. It really is annoying to me now, it’s just so frustrating getting the girl really attracted in your initial interaction then trying to get her to meet up when she’s not attracted to you anymore. I try to be as aggressive as I can in every approach I do now. I think every great guru out there got their same night lay game down this way. This lay happened on a couple days after our first meeting however.

Last Wednesday I had work then hit up this bar right down the street where they hold weekly dance events. It’s not that big of an event yet, but I always show up to support. First approach was this hottie sitting by the bar. HBBrunette, I thought she was friend’s with this other girl that I knew so I just started talking to her like she’s been a friend of mine for years. I said ”did you see the dance event earlier?” and we started talking. I told her that I like to dance and she wanted to see me dance. I said ”you’ll have to look me up on youtube” she said she wanted to see it on person. I said ”we’ll see maybe later” She was there with a guy and told me that it was her best friend and not anything serious. Good sign. A 2 set of girls are standing next to me and the hot brunette. I open them with something situational just to get a little jealousy going on. I didn’t do anything crazy, just got them laughing a bit. I kept it very subtle, but it was enough for the brunette to know that I have other girls interested in me. All you have to do is make it look like a girl is interested in you and that’s how you get social proof. A little while later the DJ started playing some break beats and this other dancer started taking over the dance floor. I told her ”this is your chance to watch” I go in the circle and kill the dance floor. Of course I get everyone’s attention that way, guys and girls are all over me lolol. For a while I didn’t want to have to rely on dancing in clubs to get attention from girls. I thought it would be attention seeking and trying too hard,but it’s not a problem if I truly like to go out there and dance. Everyone literally freaks out when I dance. I’ve been dancing for about 10 years so the moves I have are very impressive to the public even if I’m doing basic moves. Sometimes having ”game” isn’t enough and you have to use your identity to your advantage so I think I’ll continue to dance in clubs. It just creates so much social proof for me. It’s good to try to find out what makes you stand out from everyone else wherever you are.

While I was dancing I noticed this real sexy Spanish girl was taking a video of me. Very petite and easy to toss around I bet. I walk over to her and say ” I bet your going to be watching that video of me for the rest of the night huh?” She giggled and said probably so. We talked for a little bit and she has horrible logistics. Full travel dependency. She’s visiting from Minnesota and she was with about 5 guys, but she’s not into any of them haha. That’s the second time I heard that tonight! Her orbiter was standing about 2 feet away giving me the mean look. I smiled at him, held out my hand and introduced myself. He forced himself to shake my hand. I started to kick game at the Spanish chick. She asked how old I was. I said ”I’m too old for you. probably not a good idea you’re talking to me. I’d do dirty dirty things to you little girl” while giving her hard eye contact and kinoing her waist. She smiled and it was on! I tried to isolate,but her orbiter kept trying to pull her away while she continued to cling to me. She asked for my number and said she wanted to hang with me in the next day or so. I gave it to her and went back to the brunette. The logistics for the Brunette are a nightmare too because of the guy she’s with. I kick it with her for a couple minutes and the Spanish chick comes over to talk to me. I decide to have some fun with this and introduce them to eachother by telling the brunette that the Spanish girl is my girlfriend then I tell the Spanish girl the brunette is my girlfriend. (Credit to Fadeaway for that one) They were so confused! Lol I’m fully social proofed in this bar. I go back to talking to the brunette and had to calibrate down now since my value was extremely high. The brunette bought me a drink so that was good investment from her. I told her a little about myself, built some commonalities.

Ok guys, so I DID NOT sleep with either of these girls this night. Logistics for both of them were horrible and honestly they were the only 2 chicks I met that night that I really liked. I didn’t care about any other girls in there, but my goal was to make a really strong impression on both of them in the moment and spend as much time as I can with each girl so when I take the number it’s more solid. I was taking a huge risk by taking the number,but I KNOW these girls will remember me. I leave that night with both numbers, I texted the brunette chick and she was very happy to hear from me. We made plans to hang this Wednesday.

Now here’s what happened with the Spanish girl. Her and I were texting back and forth the next day. She told me she was going to some bar with her guy friends. ughh! It’s already a pain in the ass when it’s her girlfriends,but SO much worse when it’s dudes with her. I mean how much worse could it get? I decide to show up to the bar with a couple friends just in case her guy friends get out of hand. I show up to the bar ”she said she was at” and she wasn’t there. Wtf! She’s not from here so she doesn’t know any of the bar names and she’s drunk so not the best combination. Oh and she’s with guys! Yes,I said it again. I figure out what bar she’s at and it’s right down the street from where we were. We roll into the next bar and I find her. My plan was to get this girl out of the bar and fuck her in my car. I start escalating on her pretty hard and her friends aren’t around. I just take her hand and say ”lets go for a walk” and pull her out of the bar. She keeps asking where were going. I say ”were going to explore” I push her against the wall and start making out with her. She stops me a couple times and I can tell she’s not ready to get fucked yet so I say let’s go hang out in the bar for a little bit. She finds her guy friends and I introduce myself to them. I start dancing with her in front of them. Spinning her, lifting her up, smacking her on the ass. After about 5 minutes I pull her away and bring her to couch and sit her on my lap. Her guys friends follow along. Fuck! The guys kept speaking to her in Spanish so I don’t know what they’re plotting lol.

We all end up outside the bar after a few minutes. me, my 2 friends, the girl, and her 2 guy friends. They continue to talk to each other in Spanish. I just act like I know what they’re saying and continue to kino the target. We all walk down the street a bit. These guys aren’t looking to fight, but they’re not going to make it easy for me. I just continue to kino the the target and dirty talk in her ear. Her back was facing her friends so they couldn’t see that I was rubbing her pussy outside of her jeans. One of her guy friends said ”aww yall look so cute” I looked at him and said ” what are you talking about cute? We look HOT!” While I said that I picked her up and she wrapped her legs around me, I put her against the wall and started making out with her in front of everyone. At this point I was just amusing myself. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to take this girl home right now. I just accepted that. Whatever.

Onto the next night.

I get off work and shoot her a text. She’s at a bar right next to where I work and told me to come by. I have a friend with me. I see her in there and of course she’s got about 6 dudes with her now and about 2 girlfriends. Great. She’s all over me again. I introduce myself to everyone again. My friend leaves and it’s just me with all of these people along with her 2 guy friends from the night before. Awesome! I hang out with these people until the sun comes up. I was delirious as hell. When the sun is starting to come out I tell the target girl to come with me. She wants to but she has to ask her friends. Omg. The friends declined. Knew that was going to happen. I got a little frustrated which I try not to do, but tried to keep my cool. She’s leaving in a couple days so I was trying to mke it happen soon. I said ”well good meeting you” I gave her a hug and walked away. She sends me a message a few minutes later saying ” I wanted to go home with you” I said ”yea but your friends don’t want you to” then she said ”well do you want to come pick me up?” She sends me the address. I go pick her up and bring her back to my parents house(yes I moved back home) I’m living in the outside what used to be a garage and I made that my man-cave. I get her into the man-cave and there’s my brother sleeping in my room. Are you shitting me? We go sit outside at the table in my driveway and out comes my mom. Wow. Just one thing after another! She talks to us for a few minutes. I see my brother leaving my room and he goes inside with my mom. I take the girl in my room and lock the door. I get her on my bed and were making out. She’s a bit resistant because she thinks my mom is going to come in. I said ”shes not” and continued on. I start fingering her and she’s getting heated up. I’m watching out the window the whole time to make sure no one tries to get in. I move her over to my sofa. I pull my cock out and she starts blowing me while I’m fingering her. I said ”I bet you would like that cock in your tight pussy” She just nodded her head. I turned her to the side and slid it in. I fucked her and blew a load all in her mouth! We both fell asleep for a couple hours and I brought her back to her friend’s apartment. She was hot I’m probably going to see her tonight for round 2

LR: she told me she was a virgin
Hey guys,

So the other night was a bit disappointing that I couldn’t fuck the girl that I met on Mardi Gras night. For those of you you who haven’t read about that,go read my thread”mardi gras night gaming,lost lay report” posted in this month.Good news though,I called the girl up today on the phone and she answered.She didn’t know who I was at first.I told her ”its the man of your dreams” I played a little guessing game with her and she finally knew it was me. She was excited to hear from me.We talked for a couple minutes and she asked me if I can hang tomorrow night.So it seems like a done deal;we’ll see what happens.

Now on to the good part! I decided the go out last night with my friend to the downtown area again.It was not that busy it was a Thursday night.So we headed out and went to a couple of the regular bars that we go to often. I get inside and see this dude that I met news years day.I went to go chat with him and he was with this HOTTTT girl.My opinion,I say she was a 9.We’ll call her HB:blonde I didn’t really have the intention of gaming her,but she started asking me lots of questions and showing interest in me. Shes a dancer too,so I told her about my breakdancing and stuff.A couple of minutes after talking I walked away to go chill by the dance floor.A few minutes later she was walking around where I was standing and I said”you look lost little girl” we started talking again. this girl was kinda drunk and very flirty;I’m guessing her buying temperature was high(I dont even know what buying temperature means.hah).SO I start kinoing the shit out of her and shes touching me back.I hit her with the 8 girlfriends routine.She said she wants to be my girlfriend.We start making out.I told her ”thats all you get!” then smack her on the ass.I pull her hair just a llittle.She says”I like how you pulled my hair and how your kinda rough with me,other guys treat me very fragile”or something like that.I ask her who she’s with and how she got there and stuff.Shes there with one other friend.I met her and shes cool as hell.This HB:blonde was acting all silly but very friendly.I told her that we should meet up later.Shes down for that and so was the friend.I will hook up with this girl and my friend gets her friend.It all works out.

So I take the number and walk away.I didn’t want to sweat her too much. I go do a few breakdancing moves on the dance floor just for fun.I dance with a couple of other girls.Take 2 numbers.I run into the guy who with HB:blonde earlier and he says to me”dude,my friend thinks your really sexy,blah blah blah” He said ”go ahead and see what you can do” cool ass dude! I say ”thanks man.we’ll see what happens.” A few minutes later my friend and I are about to leave and I tell HB:blonde that were about to leave to go get some food and that we’ll meet up after.We start talking again and Im teasing her,running some confusion game on her,pushing her away with my words,but scratching her back and her neck.i tell her”if know one was in here right now,I would bend you over the bar and take care of business.”Shes totally digging everything I’m saying.Not getting weirded out or anything.At one point she busts out with” I have a secret to tell you; I’m a virgin.” I say ”no way” she says”I promise you,everyone thinks I’m not but I really am” I dont know if I believe that one or not.anyway.My friend and I leave the bar and go to taco bell.I text her when we almost get there and she calls me when were in the drive thru. Shes says her and her friend are coming to meet up with us.They show up and were just chillen in the parking lot for a few minutes just shooting the shit.We couldn’t go to anyone’s house.I stay with my mom,her bf,my cuzin was staying over and my brother was home.So that was a no go.The girl lived with her parents so we couldn’t go there.So I say ”lets go to the playground around the corner” My friend and I get in my car and they follow us.I had to pee once we got there.So I tell the girl”cmon,take a walk with me” the other 2 stayed put.We get behind the gym and start making out like crazy.I rubbed the pussy a little.She was loving it.i picked her up and moved further down building so no one could see.More making out.i said”were going to have to make this quick” She says ”I cant do this,I’m a virgin” I say ”that’s okay,no problem” and continue fingering her.Shes getting so heated up.I say ”i think you want it” She said she wanted it,but she just can’t.She finally gave in and said ”okay lets just see if it fits in.” Ha! I said ”sure” I put a condom on and slid it in. She moaned so I started going faster.She stopped me about 4 minutes in.She started sucking my cock to finish it off.Now this sucked because I had to pee,so it was hard to get it up.I didn’t want to stop her though.So it took a while to get off.Finally I blew my load and she swallowed the whole thing.NICE!!!

We got out of there pretty quickly because she had to go pick up a friend at one of the downtown clubs.I said ”well that was fun” she said ”yeah,we can probably do it again sometime.”They got in there car.I got in my car with my friend and off we went.That was a good night.I’m guessing the pick-up gods were giving me a break tonight because everything worked out pretty smooth.ha
So I don’t know if that girl was a virgin or not.Ive never taken someones virginity before.

LR: 36 year old panther!

I went out Saturday night to solo sarge in the city. Went to the first venue,walked around a bit. I approached a few different girls. I got a blowout and a few interactions that didn’t lead to anything. I went into another venue and there was this chick dancing all crazy. Definitely looked like she was on drugs! I started dancing all crazy next to her and we had a dance battle. She kept pushing me away from her,but in a real playful way. I could tell she was older too. I left her for a bit to go do a couple of more approaches. I went back to her and did some aggressive kino and tried kissing her
a few times.She kept pushing me away,but i could tell she was enjoying it. The sexual tension was building. Barely any words were spoken because it was so damn loud! I left for a few minutes again and went back to her. She was definitely by herself. I told her ”I’m going to down the street to this other bar and she should come along” She agreed.

We go in this other place and I run into some friends. The girl I was with went to sit by the bar.One is this girl that I talk to every now an then on facebook. She can get annoying,I’m about to delete her ass because she writes up these retarded statuses like ”I almost stepped on a slug” ”I just went to the bathroom” I tell her nobody cares what the hell she’s doing and I always give a hard time about it. She’s got a sexy ass body,but her face isn’t the greatest. I’m more about body anyways. We hang for a bit,makeout and stuff. Her 3 hot ass friends all bent over right by my crotch so they can take an ass photo. I leave them and go back to panther chick by the bar. She was ready to leave so I said ”we can go chill by my place. I’m getting a little tired” and she agreed.It was around 430 AM at this point.

I get her to my house and get into my room. We sit on my love seat and we’re talking. I start to escalate,but she’s still giving me resistance,I still haven’t even kissed her. We talk some more and i go into some Pheromone kid stuff saying that I’m pent up and going to have to relieve some tension. I’ll jerk off in front of her I really don’t care! either way is fine with me. She said that’s fine,but she’s going across the room and she laid on my bed. She said I had to stay in the love seat. i said that’s fine and i pulled my dick out and started wacking it. This may be weird,but it gets better trust me. I’m sitting there doing my thing and she’s just watching and I could see in her eyes on how turned on she’s getting. I got up and walked over to the bed,but she started to turn away so i went BACK to the loveseat! I continued the process. Either way i was going to bust a nut so i didn’t push it too much when she gave resistance. She starts playing with herself across the room and takes her tits out. She’s getting turned on watching me. After she does that to herself for a few minutes i go over again and start making out with her. From there I get a condom,put it on and start fucking her. I blew a load! She kept saying how good it was. She was bleeding a little when I pulled my dick out. She was just finishing her period I found out. Thanks for telling me now! I brought her home around 10am. I didn’t take her number or vice versa. Really wasn’t looking to do round 2 with her.

I get to work that day around 4. She calls my work,but I was busy and couldn’t get to the phone. One of the girl’s that work at the front desk bring me the number to call back. I text the number asking who it was and it was her. She texted me saying that she left her shit in my truck. Fuck! I’m going to have to see her again now because of that. She’s a cool chick and all just not looking to take it forward. She was texting saying how awesome it was sleeping with me and throwing statements out that she wants to do it again. No thanks! I’ll be sure she gets her stuff though.

Meet to handjob in about an hour

My friend gave me a call the other night while I was chillin at home watching some Netflix. Had nothing else planned. He gave me ring and said they have some girls coming down here from the Northshore(about 30 minutes away from where I live) that want to come hang out. He asked if I wanted to join. He’s been talking to one of the girl’s already for about a week. I decided to go along. Inhaven’t met any of these chicks before.

He meets me and my place and we roll out in my truck to the downtown area. We go walk around for a little while to see what was poppin off in the city. Everything place was petty dead. He gets a call from one of the girls and they say they’re almost in the city. We have them meet us at a mall and they follow us to a boat launch. One of them forgot their I.D. so we couldn’t go to any bars. The boat launch was the next best thing. We pull up in the mall and we see them. We have them follow us to the boat launch since they didn’t know where it was. They were cute girls,I wouldn’t say hot,but still doable. My friend was second guessing the whole thing ”dude I don’t know,I was drunk when I met this chick and she was wayyy hotter when we met. We’re gonna have to get some beer or something” That’s cool with me. We stop at a gas station to get some beer.

We head over the boat launch and we all hop in back of my truck. We sit and chat for a few minutes. These girls were a couple of smart asses so I knew this was going to be fun. I definitely wasn’t worried about hooking up with any of these chicks. i was just gonna sit back and tease them the entire time and be a jackass. Just because it’s fun for me. It was very windy and cold so we all decide to get in one of the girl’s car. Me and my friend get in the backseat and they 2 girls get in the front. We play captain dickhead,one of the girl’s has the game on her phone. We play for a few. I drink a little bit. I keep accusing them of trying to get me and my friend drunk so they can take advantage of us. We all decide to get out and walk over to the boat dock. They keep trying to be funny so I tell my friend out loud “dude i don’t know about these girls,they’re kind of wack.” He agrees with me and the girls laugh. I just keep going on with the jokes and confusion game because that’s what these girls were responding to well and they were like 18 so it couldn’t be too stiff. I said “look just because yall drove 30 minutes to come see us doesn’t mean your getting anywhere with us. We’re not that easy” It was working very well.

We walk back to home girl’s car and I sit on the front seat with the friend. My boy and his girl get in the back seat. At one point I said ”this girl is my new girlfriend and i pulled her in close and asked the other two how cute we look” My friend said to my girl ”yeah you should kiss him now” and she kind of like shied away.That was a fuck up on his part. I don’t think he realized what he did,but I was able to recover. Him saying that she should kiss me and using convincing type of behavior could put too much pressure on her and put her in a uncomfortable position. She shouldn’t have that feeling like she HAS to kiss me. So I cut them off and said ” She’s not getting a kiss from me. Yeah right!! I have to find out some stuff about her still” I went into a similar version of the SHR routine. That put me back in a position where I could make a move on her later.

We talk a bit more and joke around and I said ”guys me and my girlfriend need some time alone” I handed my friend my truck keys and he and his girl got in my truck. Both girls were a bit hesitant of this happening,but I had a strong frame and they just went along with it. Me and my girl talked a bit more and I qualified her on how good of a kisser she was. She said she was about an 8. I said ”well let see” and we started making out. I got her heated up a bit. i pulled back and hoped in the back seat for more room. I tapped the seat next to me. She got hesitant again. I just tapped the seat again and she came. Haha.

We start making out more. I pull out her titties and start sucking on them. I pull my dick out and she starts giving me a handjob. I asked her if she has any spit. She put some spit on her hand and rubbed it on my cock. I tried fingering her a few times and she wouldn’t let me touch her pussy. I busted a nut. I put my pants back on. My friend and his girl are making out in m truck.

They get out of the truck. We hang out for a few minutes and were about to roll out. I tell my girl ”nice meeting you!” and she just laughs and says ”uhh yeah nice meeting you too” Me and my friend hop in my truck and head home. He asked if I smashed my chick,I said “nahh just a handjob and sucked on some titties” He said “damn I didn’t even get that”

Fun night!

Accidently kicked a girl in head to scoring a makeout with her 2 minutes later!

Ok guys this was a complete accident,but here’s a funny story that happened to me this past thursday. I was out solo sarging and went into this reggae club where people were dancing. I met up with this asian chick that I met the previous night there. We were dancing a little bit,but she wouldn’t let me escalate her at all. She was kind of being a drag as well so I went about my business and started dancing with this other chick. Very cute btw!! The asian left after a couple of minutes.

There’s this other guy in the bar that’s trying to out dance me and started grinding on some girl while staring me down. I was thinking to myself ”ohhh no! Watch this,he hasn’t seen nothing yet!” So me and my girl are grinding on eachother face to face at first. I spun her around and bent her over while I was still grinding behind her. Sometimes when i do this I’ll kick my leg over the girl’s back while she’s bent over .SOOOOO I go to do this move and the girl raises her head up and I nail her right on the side of the head!! Shit! It was like a roundhouse kick to the head! I didn’t react too much to it.. I did apologize and changed the subject to something else. I was still kinoing her. She wasn’t mad because she knew it was an accident. She was actually kind of laughing too. 2 minutes later I had her against the wall making out with her.. Wtf?? How does that even happen? In the moment I wasn’t too surprised about it,but now that I’m thinking back on it I can’t help but think how I was able to recover from that shit.

I guess it was from not reacting to it and totally staying calm and controlling the frame..

Guys reading this, don’t try this! Just a funny story I thought yall would get a kick out of (no pun intended)

Definitely an interesting Thursday!

“Will you go down on my girlfriend?”

Here’s a quick story for you all..

This is probably one of the most bizarre nights I’ve had in a while.. I’ve been in plenty of random scenarios when it comes to meeting women,but I think this one is pretty unusual. I’m sure you sickos will get a kick out of this one!!

I got off work to go meet up with this girl in the CBD area of New Orleans. I met up with her and had a couple of drinks. She said “my friends and I are going to another bar up the street.” I said ”Awesome. I’ll meet you there. I wanna hang here for a bit.” She went off with her friends to the next spot. A few minutes later I started walking to the next spot which was a couple blocks away. On the way a guy standing by himself stopped me on the street. I thought he was going to ask for directions,but he went on to say other things..

He’s from Alabama visiting with his girl. He went on to say ”so my girlfriend wants to hook up with someone else and not me. I asked if I could eat her out earlier and she said no. She wanted to hook up with someone else.” I’m like okayyyyy??? I said “Yo maybe she wants to hook up with another girl and have you join.” He said ”nahh she wants to hook up with a guy.” I said ”please go on.” He told me she’s in the hotel room butt naked on the bed. He said she sent him to stand across the street and find someone to eat her pussy. He then proceeded to say ”hey man I know this sounds weird,but would you want to eat my girlfriend out?” I’m thinking to myself wtf? I asked him probably a dozen questions just to make sure I wasn’t being set up for something. It got to the point to where he said ”Look man I’m just tossing the offer out there. You can take it or leave it.” Man I gotta say, this guy was completely detached from the outcome. haha! I was convinced.. I said ”okay why not.”

I followed him to the hotel room and I had my car key sticking out of my knuckle just in case some shit went down. We get into the hotel room and his girlfriend is laying across the bed. Looked like she was a sleep. She was cute. A solid 7.5 I’d say. I wouldn’t kick her out of bed ya know. She was pretty intoxicated though. The boyfriend said ”okay man go ahead and do your thing.” I was like ”yo did you want us to maybe talk for a minute or two?” He’s like ”no. Just go for it!” I said ”well I’m not going to do it unless she verbally says she wants me to do it.” She said ”yes do it!” while she simultaneously took her panties off. I was fully clothed skinny jeans,hoodie,with a black leather jacket on top of that. I dunno why I described my outfit just thought it was funny. From there I proceeded to eat her out for a good 10 minutes. I did all kinds of David Shade type shit. Welcome method while fingering her g-spot. She was enjoying it! The boyfriend sat a couple feet away just watching. Shit was soooo weird! Her vag was nice though,cleanly shaven,no weird odor. She was moaning quite a bit and a couple minutes later the boyfriend kicked me out.. I had a feeling that was gonna happen! I didn’t object. I wasn’t gonna be the guy saying ”c’mon man can I stay plleeeasssee.” I was ready to leave I just felt sketched out. I said ”well nice meeting yall!!!” And I left after that. What a state booster.

I fiinally went to meet up with the girl at the other bar. She sees me and gives me a big wet kiss on my mouth! Ewwww


LR: She bought me dinner. How was I going to repay her?

What’s up fellas?! It’s been a while since I’ve been active on the forum. I missed you guys! I’ve been very busy lately due to the fact that I’ve been doing a lot of work on enhancing my identity. Things are starting to fall into a place and I have a more solid foundation. I haven’t been actively approaching as much as I used to. Focusing more on identity goals has caused me not have as much time to sarge. So right now my game is a bit rusty. I need to get back to it,but I did seduce this very sassy stripper from Michigan about a week ago that I thought you guys would like to hear about.

I’m in a local bar that my co-workers and I visit pretty frequently after we get off work to have some drinks. I’m sitting down at the bar and notice 2 gorgeous girls(blonde and brunette) and a dude walk in the bar. They come stand right next to me. I open the brunette with trading hair. She’s giving me the cold shoulder a bit, but I can sense a bit of attraction she has for me. It was a playful backturn she gave me. I already know she’s attracted so I hang in there and continue kicking game at them both. The guy is not giving me any problems. That’s always good. I hang with them for a while, taking selfies and that kind of shit. As they were getting ready to leave,I tried to invite myself back to their place. No dice there. They walked off and that was it for the night.

I’m in the same bar a week later and I run into the brunette again. She’s with the same guy, but with a different batch of girls. They’re all hot, but I continued right where I left off with the brunette. I said hi to her and just tried to keep it normal. Still giving me the bitch vibe. She was looking for more hard game. I kicked up the physical escalation a bit more rubbing my hands up and down her waist etc. etc. She said ” You’re very touchy feely” I responded with ”Trust me, this is nothing. I’d usually have 2 fingers in a girl right about now.” She gave me a blank stare for about 3 seconds and busted out laughing. Bitch shield went away and she was attracted! After a few minutes of that going on, one of her other girl friends was getting very protective of her and getting a bit angry. I believe the brunette was bi and so maybe this friend of hers was trying to get with her too and I wasn’t making it easy for her. It got to the point where the friend literally dragged the brunette away. That was the end of the night!

Once again, I’m at the same bar a few days later hanging with co-workers. The bartender tells me that there was a girl that showed up looking for me. I was confused at first on what girl it was and then I found out the brunette showed up to the bar looking for me. Critical stalker mode sounds like to me. About a week goes by and I run into one of her friends. She told me that the brunette was interested in me. I gave her my number to give to the brunette, but the brunette already left town to go back home to Michigan. I found out she was coming back in town soon. I get a random text from a girl about 2 weeks later and it’s the brunette chick saying she’s back in town and she wants to meet up. We’re texting back and forth and she calls me. I answer and she said she wants to meet up with me. She’s over at her friend’s house just watching TV. I said ”I’m going to stop by” She said ok. I start driving that way and she calls me and says ”hey I’m going to take a nap.” I respond with ”well ,I’m already on my way so hang tight.” She’s throwing in mixed signals saying she doesn’t want me to come. I say ”I’m about 3 minutes away” which was a lie. It took about 15 minutes to get there because the interstate was shut down. I just kept saying’ ‘I’m 2 minutes away, I’m 4 minutes away” then would change the subject. I had to keep her on the phone or else she was going to pass out. I eventually get to the apartment complex and she let’s me in the room. Her friend wasn’t there. She makes me a drink and we’re just hanging out watching youtube videos just hanging out. I go for a kiss eventually and she turns her cheek and I start biting her neck. She likes it, but puts up a bit of resistance. I rinse and repeat and the same thing happens. She says ”I want to fuck you, but this is my friend’s apartment and I don’t want to do that here.” I say ”yeah it’s not a good idea” and try again a few minutes later. She mentions how she’s hungry. I say ”yeah I could use some food.” She strips down to bare skin and changes her clothes right in front of me. Wow! She wants to go somewhere to eat in another part of town. I drive us to a sushi place. We eat and she pays for the bill. How nice!

She’s saying how she wants me to drop her off and call it a night. I’m like ”okay that’s fine with me.” We get close to the apartment and she says to just drop her off. I’m like ”alright already.” I pull up to the apartment on a pretty busy street, then she says ”you’re not coming to hang out?” I say ”well, I’m down to hang out, but if you don’t want to that’s fine with me.” Not attached to the outcome. She’s sitting in the passenger seat just looking at me about to leave. Out of NOWHERE I decide to just go ahead and pull my cock out. Yes, it was random as fuck,but I didn’t care. I’m sitting there just stroking it a bit and she’s just watching with a shocked look on her face. She was totally into it thought and getting horny watching me. I take her hand and put it on my cock. She starts giving me a handjob saying ”I can’t give you a handjob right here.” I say ”do you have any spit?” She takes that as an invitation to start blowing me. I’m still sitting in the driver seat on this busy street. After a couple of minutes she tells me to scoot the seat back and she hops right on top of me. She’s riding me in the driver seat while people are walking by lol. We’re going at it for a few minutes. She’s moaning and I’m smacking her on the ass. She’s loving it. Out of no where she gets up and leaves. Wtf. Alright see ya!

I text her about an hour later ”hey,cool hanging wit you. Dinner on me next time ” No response for a couple hours. I text again saying ”I guess not” She immediately starts blowing my phone up. I was hanging with a friend when she kept calling me. I finally answer and she invites me over to the apartment. I get there and we fuck again. After were done she tells me to leave! Hahaha crazy ass chick! Good times good times!

Here’s a lesson for some of you guys: Pull the dick out. It works and it works great!

Gone in 60 seconds

Went out Friday night with a good friend of mine. He’s going through a bad time in his life because his wife cheated on him so it was a good idea for him to get out of the house. He’s on the prowl and Nola is at his side. Hehe.

I scoop him up and we end up at this college bar that is pretty dead. I decide to approach a 2 set sitting at a booth. I make eye contact with one of the girls then go in. I try to make every approach as warm as possible by getting some eye contact in before going in. It usually helps and I can gauge if the approach will go well. I usually do this by making eye contact with the girl with a smirk on my face while giving the girl a ”what’s up” look. That’s a way of assuming rapport and I go in from there. I’m looking at her like I’ve known her for years, guys usually have this creepy stare they give a girl. No Bueno. I’m not saying it works all the time, nothing works every time;it does help to make approaches more warm. Sometimes when I’m doing approaches like this my friends are like ”did you know that girl?” It always looks like I’ve known the girl forever, but I never met her in my life. So, this particular approach didn’t go anywhere. I paid a little too much attention to the target and wasn’t paying enough attention to the friend. The friend said ”I’m going to get a drink” of course the friend is going with her. Never tunnel vision on the target, the friend will want to leave if you don’t talk to both of them. It’s ok to approach specifically the target, but don’t do it for too long. It won’t be long before the other person wants to leave. I guess my friend could have winged me, but I never go into set expecting a wing to help.

We go into the next bar right down the street. It’s super PACKED with hot,young,horny,college chicks!! FUCK YEAHH! My friend and I catch a stool by the bar.I get a sprite for both of us. We’re sitting there chillen out and I spot a cute Spanish chick a few feet away from me. I warm the approach with eye contact and I wave her over. I got her under my spell and she makes her way over. I hold out my hand and she takes it. I spin her around and wrap her arm around me instantly in stage 2 kino. I say ”how have you been? It’s been a while?” She plays along and says ”I’ve been good” We small talk for a couple minutes and out of no where she says ”I’m 18 years old.”

Nola- ”Oh you’re only 18? Hmm….I’m wayyyy too old for you. I’m like a dirty old man….. If you don’t run away right now I’ll do something dirty to you”

Her: Oh really? Should I?

She’s ready to go!

What I did here was a form of passive frame control.. Passive frame control is when you state your intentions to the girl. If the girl doesn’t leave,then she’s giving you permission to escalate the interaction. I told her “I will do something dirty to you if you don’t run away.” She went nowhere so she basically gave me the green light.

I was stroking her hair at the time I was delivering the routine. We started making out shortly after that. I pulled away and said ”that’s all you get!” And smacked her ass. She tried to make out with me again I stopped her and said ”let’s go for a walk” She agreed. Now she had friends a few feet away from us. So I didn’t want to grab her hand and her friends to see a random guy pulling her friend outside. So I walked a couple feet ahead of her and waited right outside the entrance. She came right out. Once we got outside is when I took her hand and started walking with her. I said ”we’re going to explore, adventure time! ” I pulled her behind a bush and started making out with her again. She was in a short dress so it was easy access to start finger banging her.I put her hand on my cock and she pulled it out. She started giving me a handjob,I stopped her right there and said ”lets go somewhere better” I put my cock away and grabbed her by the arm and walked her to my car about a block away. I hop in the driver seat and she gets in the passenger side. I pull my dick out again and she starts blowing me. I decided not to bang her since I didn’t have a condom on me. I’m not raw dogging, I’ve done that a few times recently to different girls and it’s not worth the paranoia. I wasn’t looking to pull tonight, but now I know to ALWAYS have one on me. it’s usually the nights I don’t expect things to happen that I end up pulling a girl to my car haha

We finish up then I shyly ask for her number haha. How’s that for a solid number close?

That was meet to blowjob in about 5 minutes and my friend saw the whole thing. Maybe he learned a little something.


FR: They tried to hustle me,but I still got a blowjob while her friend watched! 

This crazy night happened a couple of months ago and I never got around to typing it. I’m sure some of you guys who still read field reports can learn some valuable information from this. You’ll be entertained as well.

I was out one night with a buddy of mine having some drinks at this hippie, rave, bar that’s always poppin on a sunday. We were drinking having a good time then we decided to bounce to another spot. We end up in this raunchy strip club called Dixie divas. If you’re ever in New Orleans, dodge this place at all costs. I literally had a woman who must have been in her mid 60s asking me if she could blow me for like $120. “Umm…. im ok but thanks.” I think I’ve seen a few pregnant women working there too. My buddy and I were getting a bit creeped out so we leave. Were standing on the corner plotting out the next move. About a minute later there’s a car with 3 girls that stop at the corner. The driver and I make eye contact and she smiles. When you catch their eye and they smile you better approach. It’s usually going to be pretty warm. I was already in state so I didn’t have to use any type of scripted material to make her try to like me, she already does. I walk up to the driver side and say “what’s up?” She said ”hayyyy, what yall doing?” We chatted for a couple minutes and she suggested my buddy and I meet them at the bar down the street. I said ”meet yall? Well, my buddy and I will just ride with you all.” I opened the back door and told my friend to hop in too! No problems there. Off we go. We get to the bar and it’s closed.

We all decided to go to a gas station and to buy a bottle of liquor to share. At this point in time it’s late so I’m escalating on the girl driving. Not to the point to where she was going to get in a car accident. More like when she would stop at the stop sign. I was telling her how I was going to sit her on my face and eat my way to her heart. I was being super cocky and kinoing her pretty hard. She says ”hopefully you can back up everything you’re saying.” I said “psh, you have no idea who you’re dealing with!” It’s on! My buddy was chatting with the two other girls to keep them occupied,they didn’t give me much trouble.

We arrive at the gas station and this is where it gets weird. The girls were inviting us back to their hotel room across town,but they wanted us to fill up their gas tank. They also wanted us to buy the liquor. I had my buddy buy the $7 bottle of vodka and I out $5 in the gas tank. Look, sometimes you have to give a little. I know some of you guys are like “NOOOOO DONT EVER PAY.” Sometimes those rules can go out the window if you know when to do it. So I put a couple dollars in her gas tank and we all get back in the car. I’m now in the passenger seat where I have easier access to my target. hehe. My buddy is in the back seat doing coke with the other 2 girls. I don’t mess with that stuff, I just continued to escalate the girl in the driver seat. My friend was like ”dude I have to get back to my car!” I’m thinking to myself, hell no. Once we separate, this entire mission will be over! He insists that he goes back to his car, ok whatever. I’m not leaving this car that’s for damn sure. We get to his car, and I tell one of the girls( the less hot one) to go ride with him. She complies and her and my friend go to his car. We all decided to meet at the ”hotel” So now I’m in the car with the girl driving and her friend is in the back seat who’s also really cute. I continue to escalate on the driver seat and she says “my friend and I are going to rock your world” I said ”Okay we’ll see about that.” She told me to hop in the back seat with her friend. I jump in the back seat and immediately go for the make out. She doesn;t kiss me. So I go for the neck and she;s getting turned on. I take her hand and put it on my cock and she starts rubbing it. She takes my pants off and puts a condom around my dick and she starts blowing me. hmm, yeah these girls are at work im sure. So she’s going down on me and her friend in the driver seat would turn ariund and watch whenever she’d get to a red light. I asked her ”so you going to join in or what?” Whenever she had a chance to stop the car,she would reach in the back seat and jerk me off while her friend blew me. At this point in time my friend is calling me and I answer the phone while she’s blowing me. H’es asking where we are and that were taking forever. He was parked around the corner waiting for us to follow him. I hang up the phone. Somehow my wallet fell out while all this was going down,but I didn’t pay much mind to it while this was going on. The driver said she has to bring me to my car because they want to go pick up drugs from a family member and they don’t want that person to see that they picked up a stranger off the street. I tried my best to stay,but they insisted that they bring me back to my car. They said ”meet us at this hotel and told me what the room number was. ok, so I get in my car and I’m pretty intoxicated,not a safe scenario. I realize that my phone is gone. When I hung up on my friend, I carelessly put the phone down somewhere and never retrieved it. So I have no phone to get in touch with my friend. I wanted him to be with that girl so that we’d all have to meet up later. So I cant get in touch with him. I go to the hotel where they said to meet them, my car was on empty so I pull into a gas station and go to use my debit card. The card said decline. wtf I look at it and it’s not even mine. When I was in the back seat getting head my wallet fell out and i’m thinking the girl swapped my card with someone elses, who knows. They were hustlers for sure. Anyway, I barely have any gas, no debit card and my phone is gone! So you see this is why it’s good to game when sober to avoid all this chaotic nonsense.

I still try to make it to the hotel and ask them where I can find the room 12D OR some shit like that. I wrote it down so it was the number the girls said. The lady at the desk said there was no room number with 12D. Are you kidding me???? I chalked this one to a lost threesome,but I still got a blowjob out of it and a semi handjob from the friend so that was cool. I checked my bank statement and there was money missing out of my account, so I got all of that back and a new phone the same day. I finally get in touch with my buddy on facebook hours later and he told me he got a blowjob too! Hell yeaaaaa… I asked him where the girl was and he said he dropped her off at the casino and just left her there! haha I can’t make this shit up.







































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