Got rejected? This is how you handle it!

In this post I’m going to share how to handle getting rejected when doing a cold approach. If you’re not familiar with the term cold approach, it’s the act of walking up to a woman that you have never met before and you start talking to her. This woman could be standing in a bar. She could be sitting in a starbucks reading a book. She could be grocery shopping. There are plenty of other scenarios,but the tactic I’m going to teach you guys will work in any scenario!

Many guys will avoid walking up to the woman they want to talk to because they just don’t know how to handle the possibility of getting rejected! The more women you avoid approaching,the more that fear will be deeply rooted in your head. When you know how to handle getting rejected the more approaches you’ll be able to do. The more approaches you do, the better your skillset gets.

Let say you’re in a bar and you see a woman sitting or standing, it doesn’t fucking matter! You already know what you plan on saying. You walk up and deliver your routine or whatever you comes out of your mouth. She turns to you and says “fuck you, get out of my face.” Ouch! That’s gonna be pretty damaging to the average joe.. Most guys are going to walk away with their tail between their legs..

Here’s how to handle not walk away  yet.. Simply turn your back on the girl and just stand there and look for the next girl to approach.. When you see that next girl…APPROACH IMMEDIATELY WITH THE EXACT SAME LINE YOU JUST USED! Here’s what’s going on. when guys approach, they’re usually not too worried about the girl really rejecting them, they’re more worried about the bystanders seeing the rejection going down. Turning your back on the girl and not walking away looks to the outsiders that you were talking to someone that you knew and you two simply stop talking to eachother. It doesn’t look like a rejection to them when you pull off his maneuver. Also, when you immediately do another approach,your brain doesn’t have enough time to go into a cycle of negativity about what just happened! The more you repeat this process throughout the night, you’ll care less and less about getting rejected. The more fearless you become the more the girls will pick up on it in a good way. You’ll start to project a certain energy that’s very attractive to women. There will be just something about you that they can’t get enough of! Give it a try!






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