Don’t quit… Try again!

” I have not failed. I’ve just found a 1000 ways that won’t work.” – Thomas Edison

I try to live my life by this philosophical quote by Edison on a regular basis. This quote has so much wisdom behind it. When trying to master any craft or achieve something spectacular, a majority of people will experience failure in the beginning. Sometimes LOTS of it! Failure is the key to becoming successful; it all depends on how that person interprets the failure. Some people will interpret that failure as if it’s the end of the world and they will quit. Maybe they can’t handle it, or they may simply not be aware that failure is a stepping stone to getting to the end goal.  Some people have learned to be resilient and are able to overcome those setbacks and to simply try again.

I remember years back when I was first getting into break dancing, I was failing miserably when trying to execute the moves I was training. I have a buddy of mine who is a master at this art form. I would session with this guy and it wasn’t too fun of a session. He pushed me hard when we would practice together. The only two words I would hear out of his mouth was “try again, try again, try again.” I’d get frustrated hearing the same two words, but I’m glad he really drilled it into my brain! A result of me trying over and over again is that I got REAAALY good at my craft!

I encourage students to go out there and make mistakes. I know, it sounds silly to tell a student “Go make mistakes.” However, it is an essential step to getting closer to the main goal.

People can be hard on themselves when they make a mistake or if something doesn’t go the way they planned. They tend to think negative things about themselves and it sabotages the entire learning process. Don’t let that internal dialogue bring you into a cycle of negativity. The best thing to do is not listen to it and to take a more productive form of action. That different form of action is to TRY AGAIN! Each mistake that is made is a chance to take note of what is not working and to make the correct adjustments accordingly.

There are a shit load of occurrences  when you will have to try again when you’re out there in the field approaching women. In the beginning, rejection WILL happen! It’s inevitable.  Get used to it! It happens to us all no matter how good you are. Let say you approach a girl and she tells you to ”fuck off.” That could be very damaging to the newbie student. What do you do? Do you sulk and go home to your laptop and whine to guys on the seduction form on how you got rejected? Or do you simply say ”fuck it, time to try again.” I like the second option better. Don’t you? You’ll be surprised on what results you achieve by simply trying again.

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