How to develop “Natural Game”

Hey guys! Long time no talk..

I’ve been MIA for a bit dealing with things going on in my life.. Some things I’m not too excited about and some positive things as well! Either way positive or negative life events are learning experiences at the end of the day. Because of these things going on,I got this idea for a blog post!

I’m sure a few of you guys know that friend that just seems to have his way with women very effortlessly. He has that natural vibe that draws women towards him. I have friends that are very good with women. None of them studied seduction material(at least that I know of) I was always curious how they got so good! How do you think they developed their ”naturalness?”

I found out that most of them had great identities!

They’re constantly making self improvements and enhancing their identity!They molded their lifestyle a certain way that is magnetic to women. They all have goals they are pursuing. Identity enhancement has some interesting side effects. Most seduction students overlook this part of their progression or don’t pay much attention to it.. They want to learn all the flashy shit and learn to fuck girls in under 2 seconds!! They focus too much on practicing ”game.”  I’ll tell you what.. If your identity sucks,then it’ll weaken other parts of your skillset. There’s only so much you can do to seem like a cool guy for a certain amount of time. Don’t get me wrong guys! I’m not saying to NOT practice your skillset. NO NO NO… Absolutely not! You definitely want to practice openers and using routines to adopt successful attitudes that women find attractive. Get your reps in..You bet! But I’m also saying don’t spend 24 hours working on just the skillset.

If you have a solid identity,you can get away with making several mistakes with women. Why? Because the woman will be generally interested in your lifestyle and YOU as a person. Expanding one’s identity can fix many inner game issues. It can give you a feeling of self fulfillment. Natural conversation flow will be WAYYYY easier, confidence will skyrocket, it can make you not so outcome dependent. The list goes on! I remember when I was first started out learning pick up and my identity wasn’t too strong. I was a great breakdancer and had an okayish job,but that was about it. I was not happy with my lifestyle at the time. I wasn’t involved with dancing all that much because I got sucked into learning about seduction. I was busing tables at the time too. Depending on what someone’s own standards are, a weak identity or lifestyle can result in a bummed out attitude from the guy. He’s not excited about his own life. How is a woman going to get excited and interested about him if he’s not excited about his own life?

A high quality woman doesn’t want to date a loser,hands down! A lot of guys spend too much time studying pick up tactics and not focusing on becoming a naturally interesting person. I’ll say it again guys, I’m not saying to not go into the field to practice your skillset. Get a lot of approaches in and make adjustments when needed. Absolutely! Just please know ”game” with be way easier and feel more ”natural.”

Thanks for reading!


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