The importance of fundamentals

When I was in New York city recently doing my first couple of training sessions I realized something. I noticed that most of the  guys coming in were extreme newbies. We literally had to teach them from the ground up. We had to get them started with the most basic ways of how to approach,how to speak,how to stand etc. etc. I’ve been doing this stuff for a while now and it’s all built into MY game. I don’t have to think about it anymore. But,these basic principles were the reason that I got good! I remember when I had to learn all of these small adjustments that made a huge difference in my game. After a while,everything was on autopilot,but these guys didn’t know how to implement these yet! It was crucial that they learn all of the most basic strategies.

So many guys try to run before they can walk. They want to learn the most advanced techniques first. They’re trying to get one night stands when they can’t even approach a girl yet! It’s insane! It takes a lot of patience and dedication. Guys,learn the basics before learning any advanced material! You’re learning process will be so much easier and way less painful! It’s easy to get confused when guys skip learning fundamentals. A lot of guys will give up on pick up because of this reason. They will lose motivation because they’re trying to do the most advanced shit before they learn the basics. You can get laid with JUST solid fundamentals! Some of the fundamentals include, voice tone,body language,fashion, social freedom,frame control etc. etc. If you join Brad’s 30/30 club you’ll gradually learn all of these important basics! If you want to learn them faster then I would suggest a one on one training from one of the experts like myself or one of the other UDS coaches.

Even ONE basic adjustment could change your whole game!

Here’s an example.

We had a guy in NYC that did a training session. He was doing this weird thing with his hands whenever he would go talk to a girl. He would wave them around too much making him look nervous and very fidgety. We told the student to stop moving his hands so much. It made him look nervous to the girl and eventually she would get nervous because of the energy he was projecting. He applied this small tweak and he went to do his next approach. He stopped a girl walking out of the subway and he applied what we told him. They were talking for a couple minutes and they started walking away together. They got to the corner and they walked across the street. We started to follow along,but there was traffic rolling by so we couldn’t cross the street immediately. We finally get across the street,but it was too late! He and that hottie had walked off to her apartment to get down and dirty!! The student got in touch with one of the other coaches the next day saying he got laid! Yep,it’s actually not unusual for a student to get results that quick sometimes.  Learn the basics guys! If you’d like to schedule a training with me, shoot Drew an email at We’ll get your game on track!

Have a good day!



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