There’s no time for thinking!

What’s going on guys?!?!

Nola here and today I want to introduce a term to you all you readers that really can make pick up easier. I’ll get to that shortly.

There are times when meeting women where there should be no thinking about what to do next. It’s a matter of acting right then and there! Of course when a student is new, it’s hard to not be in your head. For a while it’s just something that the student has to deal with. It’s a normal part of the process before getting good. Going out and meeting women consistently is a great way to start getting out of your head. When I say ”get out of your head” it simply means that we need to quiet down that little voice inside that says ”do don’t that. It’s too risky” or ”what if people see”  I think you know what voice I’m talking about! It’s the voice that sabotages everything. When you can quiet that voice down then amazing things start happening!! Pick up happens in real times and you have to be mentally quick and prepared about what needs to be done next. When you start getting out of your head you’ll start developing what’s called the ”determining instinct.”

Y’all are probably wondering “What the hell is the determining instinct!?” I didn’t understand it either until I realized what it was and how I experienced it in a real life scenario. The determining instinct is simply when you can make a decision quickly in a real life scenario as opposed to hesitating about what to do. It’s when there’s an opportunity right in front of your face and you either act right then or you overthink it and then the opportunity is gone!! I’ll give y’all an example of how it played out with me. This little story should illustrate it better for you guys.

Here’s the story..

For those of you who don’t know,I breakdance as a hobby. A couple years ago I was doing a dance routine with a big group of people. This was a social circle scenario that I was in. There were 2 hot girls that were dancers in the group. We’ll call one hb:blonde and the other hb:brunette. After we did our performance we went out to eat. I was already flirting with the 2 girls on the regular during practice and what not. So I had them both attracted. The brunette and I already planned on going home together later in the night. So since that was solidified, I tried to think of  way I could fuck the blonde before we all went our separate ways. I knew I’d have to do a public pull with the blonde since I was already going home with the brunette later. I was able to make this decision when the other guys in the group were all sweating the blonde and competing for her attention. I was paying more attention to the brunette and I think that made the blonde jealous a bit. The blonde was also more intrigued with me since I wasn’t giving her that much attention!

Anyway, We all head to another bar. There’s about thirteen of us altogether. All of us roll into the next venue and the BLONDE out of no where says ”I need to go to the bathroom” without even thinking about it, I said ”I have to go too” I took her hand and we both went right into the bathroom! Right then and there. Once we got inside,it was an all out fuck session! There was NO time to think about what to do in that situation when she said ”I have to go to the bathroom.” I just had to act! If I would have hesitated for 3 seconds that opportunity would have vanished! Other people in the group would have said ”I have to go!’ “me too lets all go together!” Hell no! I saw that opportunity and jumped on it. It was so quick that no one in the group had time to call us out on it. They were mind blown. It probably took them about 2 minutes to really comprehend on what just happened.

I fucked the blonde and still went home with the brunette later that night.

How does someone learn the determining instinct?

Well, you develop it by going out a lot and getting a lot of field experience. Doing a bunch of approaches will help develop it. Once that voice quiets down you’ll notice you start acting more and not thinking as much! If you have social anxiety it’s hard to have the determining instinct. It’s about getting out of your head! It’s about pushing your comfort zone to lower your anxiety levels. When someone has anxiety,it’s hard to act immediately in the situation. Do things on a regular basis to gradually expand that comfort zone. The determining instinct is a positive side effect from expanding your comfort zone. Brad’s social freedom exercises is a great way to develop it. Get out there and get your approaches in guys!! You’ll eventually start reaping the benefits when you’re not in your head all the time!

Happy hunting!



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