Do you have a car?!

Hey guys!

Nola here with some new dating tips for you playas out there! This post is going to be aimed more at the advanced guys,but I’ll simplify it the best way I can for even newbies to understand. This post is going to be about logistics.

We all know logistics can be a pain in the ass! I mean, I’m sure it’s happened to you. You go approach a hottie in a bar and the set opens great! She’s leaning in,she’s investing a bunch, she’s giving you the ”fuck me” eyes. You then suggest going back to your place,but she can’t leave because she’s with her friends. Maybe she has to wake up early tomorrow. Maybe she doesn’t want her friends to see her leaving with a guy and judging her. After all that work you put in and you then find out she can’t leave the bar/club with you! So fucking frustrating!!

Well fellas, I have a way past that. Y’all can start implementing this asap! I’m sure you’re wondering why I asked if you own a car? Let me tell you,my car has become my best friend when it comes to dealing with logistics! I’ve nailed plenty of girls the same night because of it. I know what some of you are thinking “But Nola,I don’t have a car…wahhhhh” Relax guys,I’ll get to that. Dealing with logistics has become so much easier once I started using my car. Logistics are now in YOUR hands! There are plenty of times when a girl is super into me, she has shitty logistics and I’ll just pull her to my car. If she’s with a group of course I’ll introduce myself to everyone that’s in my target’s peer group. That’s just so the friends know I’m not a creeper. I’ll build some rapport with them. If you have a good vibe and a solid presence you should be fine with the group letting you talk to their friend. A good vibe would consist of not having nervous energy. You’re also willing to meet everyone she’s with. They’ll assume you’re a nice guy. It’s very important to be overly nice to the friends of the target. So make sure you’re not coming across as a complete weirdo first off. To get over nervous energy when talking to a group I’d recommend Brad’s “How to beat approach anxiety” product. Also, you’re fashion should be solid! If you need to help with fashion, Brad has a phenomenal book called “The fashion bible”

Like I said earlier,this post is for more advanced guys. I assume a lot of you have these fundamentals figured out already.

OK, back to the lesson.

So the group is cool with you talking to their friend. Now you get your target super attracted. She’s receptive to you touching her. Maybe she’s touching you! Y’all might have even kissed. Now it’s important to take things a little further. You find out she has bad logistics. Maybe they all rode together or maybe she has a guy there that she’s ”talking” to. It’s time to go for a mini isolation. Say something like ”I’m gonna go grab a drink. Come take a walk.” If she’s attracted, she will comply and will probably take that walk with you. Getting her to the bar is just a small test to see how much compliance I can get from her. If she moves with you,she’s attracted. It’s also a maneuver so she’s not by her friends anymore. Once I get her to the bar I may chit chat with her a bit more,but not too long. I’ll eventually say something like…

“Well it was nice meeting you,but I’m about to leave. Come walk me to my car so I don’t get taken advantage of by all the drunk girls outside” (Take her by the hand and lead her to your car)

“Hey, I need to go grab my jacket/pen/chapstick/ out of my car…Come take a walk right quick”

Or you can just straight up say…….

“let’s go for a walk”

The guys who don’t have a car can still pull this off. Once a girl is very attracted she will follow your lead. You can still say ”hey let’s go catch some fresh air” and bring her outside. Try to find a spot that’s not too visible to everyone to see you two hooking up. Bring her to an alleyway. It’s sometimes good to search for a good isolation spot before you even enter the venue. Just so you’re not aimlessly walking around looking for a spot. Doing too much walking around and the girl will start to get too logical and start second guessing the whole thing. Going for a pull in public can also be great because there’s a strong chance she’ll want to go home with you after that. She may decide to go home with you right then and there! Take risks guys! Pull the trigger!

Until next time!



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