“Did you know that girl?”

Hello everyone!

Nola here to bring you my first blog post!

I hit the town with friends quite often. We’ll go out,have drinks,shoot the shit and meet new people. Of course we’ll end up interacting with the opposite sex. I got to the point now to where I’m not going out to LOOK for a girl. I’ve paid my dues as far as making it a point to go out and do cold approaches to develop my skillset. When I go out now,I’m looking to just have a good time and see where the night takes me. I’ve been gaming for a while now and it’s a permanent part of my identity. I don’t have to think about it too much!

If I see a girl that I find attractive I WILL approach her. What I say is strictly dictated on my state and how warmed up I am. If I’m already in a social mood it’s easy for me to approach a girl with a situational opener or something off the top of my head. If I’m still a bit hesitant on what to say then I’ll say something effective that I’ve used before. Some of you may be saying ”No! You should never use a pick up line or something you’ve said before.” I’ll tell you right now that EVERYONE has an arsenal of things they say all the time whether they want to admit it or not! Girls practice lines too! Girls go out to bars and clubs prepared with one liners they use on guys. Why not do it yourself?

Usually after I approach a girl, capture their attention and get them laughing I always get asked by my friends ”did you know that girl?” The answer is usually no. It always looks like I know her from the outsider perspective. It’s called assuming rapport. Assuming rapport comes in many different forms: My verbal introduction, positioning,body language,voice tone,how I’m touching her. All of that comes into play. Not only does it look like I know the girl from an outsiders perspective,but it makes the target that I’m approaching feel more comfortable. That’s the most important! The best way to approach a girl is to just start talking like you’ve known her for years. Skip the traditional ”hey my name is Bradly Smith I uhhh…just wanted to come and introduce myself because I thought you were gorgeous. Can I buy you a drink!?” In her head she’s thinking ”fuck no!” She’s most definitely been approached thousands of times with that traditional introduction. The whole time she’s trying to think of reasons to reject the guy while doing his spiel. And guess what?! She immediately knows how to weed those guys out unless they’re advanced already. It’s better to catch the girl off guard with something bold and original. She won’t have time to evaluate you and think of reasons to blow you out. She’s focusing on what you’re saying. Before you know it,the girl is completely invested and it’s easy to take it from there!

Thanks for reading!



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